A Conversation with Lee & Leslie Strobel

Posted: January 23, 2018

The Case for Christ author Lee Strobel and wife Leslie share how investigative reporting led to faith — and an intense desire to share it. Read the Christian Chronicle piece… Read More

Is the end nigh for Palestinian Christians?

Posted: January 22, 2018

Bethlehem (CNN) A church service begins in Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity. Worshipers descend the stone stairs, worn smooth by millions of pilgrims over the centuries, down into the Grotto –… Read More

Mysterious Dead Sea Scroll deciphered in Israel

Posted: January 22, 2018

One of the last remaining obscure parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls has been deciphered by researchers in Israel. Read all about it here.

Become a Level 5 Disciple Maker

Posted: January 17, 2018

Discipleship.org and Exponential pulled together top national disciple making leaders to map out five levels of disciple making.Our model shows people moving from conversion where a person starts as a… Read More

The Top Book Recommendations of 12 Disciple Making Leaders

Posted: January 13, 2018

Discipleship.org asked the leaders of 12 Disciple Making ministries that partner with us to share their top 2 book recommendations. We told everyone to assume the recommendations of two classics: The… Read More

Was Jesus Just a Great Teacher?

Posted: January 11, 2018

Greg Koukl unpacks why Jesus was more than just a morally good teacher. Watch the video (less than 4 minutes) here.

Is Religious Belief Just a Brain Function?

Posted: January 8, 2018

Religion, we are told, has a scientific explanation; so we have no need of the God hypothesis. But is that so? This article reviews the alleged evidence and then responds… Read More

Atheism & the Burden of Proof, by Paul Copan

Posted: January 6, 2018

In conversations with atheists, they may challenge us: “You’re claiming that God exists. Therefore, the burden of proof rests on you, not me. So … where’s your evidence?” Continue here.    

Watch These 10 Disciple Making Trends in 2018

Posted: January 3, 2018

A national disciple making movement in North America is starting to take off. Groups and networks are forming everywhere. Over 1400 pastors and leaders from around the country joined 17… Read More

Commencement Address to John Robert’s son’s ninth grade class

Posted: January 3, 2018

‘I wish you bad luck,” said the chief justice of the United States. He meant for those words, delivered last spring, to express encouragement and optimism. The year now ending… Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Disciple Makers in 2018

Posted: January 1, 2018

Like most people, I make New Year’s resolutions, but I have a unique focus with some of my goals. I want to want what God wants, and God wants more… Read More

A Closer Look at Christmas – Glenn Sunshine

Posted: December 25, 2017

The Story behind the Manger, Shepherds, and Swaddling Clothes At this time of year, every year, we hear the Christmas story again. The familiar elements—the full inn, the stable, the… Read More

The Bible Project: An Interview with Jim Mackie

Posted: December 21, 2017

In this interview with Tim Mackie, co-founder of The Bible Project, we discuss the origins of The Bible Project and how two friends threw some videos up on Youtube that have now become a… Read More

“The Master Plan” – Robert Coleman

Posted: December 21, 2017

Robert Coleman wrote The Master Plan of Evangelism decades ago, and it has sold millions of copies. Now, you can experience his core teaching through never-before-seen video teaching sessions of Robert Coleman…. Read More

Learn How (Not) to Doubt – The Gospel Coalition (TGC)

Posted: December 21, 2017

When we experience doubts, we’re in holy company. A lot of people today—including Christians—don’t know how to doubt properly. Continue reading here.

Story of the (New) Tyndale House Greek NT

Posted: December 19, 2017

Hear the story of the Tyndale House Greek New Testament from the academics who produced it.

Sinless Mary: Dialogue w Old Testament Professor

Posted: December 15, 2017

Jonathan Huddleston (see Facebook / resume) is an ordained Church of Christ minister, and has been assistant professor of Old Testament at Abilene Christian University. He obtained his doctorate in Hebrew Bible / Old… Read More

We Can’t Be Like Jesus If We’re Not Making Disciples

Posted: December 15, 2017

I’m writing to share a recent blog post—an excerpt fromBecoming a Disciple Maker, a free eBook Greg Wiens and I wrote. The article’s called “We Can’t Be Like Jesus If… Read More

Why It is Unreasonable to Claim that the Resurrection of Jesus is Based on Pagan Myths

Posted: December 12, 2017

In this 5-part series, New Testament scholar and apologist Michael Licona provide reasons why modern scholars are virtually unanimous in their rejection of the view that the early Christians borrowed… Read More

Developing An Effective Leadership Culture That Your People Will Aspire To

Posted: December 11, 2017

Most people who study the church in America believe that the church has a crisis in leadership. It appears that many of today’s churches are looking for leaders, but few are being… Read More

Paul Copan on winning hearts, not arguments

Posted: December 10, 2017

A Christian philosophy professor talks about the real purpose of apologetics. Read article here.

A Guide for 33 Different Bible Versions

Posted: December 8, 2017

 December 8, 2017 The Holy Bible: A Buyer’s Guide This free eBook guides you through 33 different Bible versions Walk through the religion section of any major bookstore, and you’ll… Read More

Work Hard, Pray Hard

Posted: November 30, 2017

Students should take Bible study as seriously as school and sports practice. Article from Christianity Today: Work Hard Pray Hard

Tomb of Christ

Posted: November 29, 2017

The archaeological exhibit on the tomb of Christ is on display at the National Geographic Museum through August, 2018. Click here. Articles: click here.

Museum of the Bible – now open in Washington, DC

Posted: November 24, 2017

Museum of the Bible | MOTB Museum of the Bible is an innovative, global, educational institution whose purpose is to invite all people to engage with the history, narrative and… Read More

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage, by Jerry Jones (review by Bob Young)

Posted: November 24, 2017

Jones discusses divorce and remarriage with objectivity By Bob Young In Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage: Seen Through the Character of God and the Mind of Jesus, Jerry Jones — a longtime… Read More

White Privilege: The Ability To Walk Away, by Jon Sherwood

Posted: November 23, 2017

November 22, 2017 In Daniel Hill’s new book released this year, White Awake: An honest look at what it means to be white , he explores and shares about his own “awakening” and… Read More

Useful Apologetics Website (freethinkingministries.com)

Posted: November 21, 2017

Check out Tim Stratton’s website, Free Thinking Ministries. Lots of great stuff there!

My 5 Personal Reflections on the Forum (Bobby Harrington)

Posted: November 17, 2017

Here are my top five personal reflections from the Forum. 1. Pastors and Leaders are Hungry to Learn about Making Disciples Last year we were told that if we had… Read More

Why Have Americans Stopped Reading the Bible?

Posted: November 12, 2017

No verse is in a vacuum, and it is important to always read a passage as part of the larger story. Why Have Americans Stopped Reading the Bible? By KATHLEEN COOKE | October… Read More

Fishers of men, farmers of nuts

Posted: November 11, 2017

At 50, African Christian College strives for self-sustainability — in its students and its campus. Continue reading here. Note: Douglas has taught at the African Christian College (first-, second-, and… Read More

Paul and the Gift: Six Perfections of Grace

Posted: November 10, 2017

Grace is both an incredibly important and an incredibly difficult concept, explains John Barclay in Paul and the Gift. When boiled down to its purest form, or “perfected,” as Kenneth Burke… Read More

Children of Priests

Posted: November 4, 2017

The Boston Globe Spotlight team did a series on it that is getting a lot of attention.  Seems it may be a scandal even bigger that the clergy abuse issue…. Read More

TEAMwork, by Steve Kinnard

Posted: November 2, 2017

OCTOBER 30, 2017 / STEVEKINNARD TEAMwork A Bible Talk for Athletes (and everyone else) Opening question: Name someone who has been a great teammate to you. Explain why. I think of a… Read More

Tomography opens old biblical documents

Posted: October 28, 2017

Tomography is a way of imaging something in sections or “slices” without actually cutting it. It is often used in hospitals today in computed tomography (CT), also called “CAT scans.”… Read More

Nepal Criminalizes Christian Conversion and Evangelism

Posted: October 27, 2017

Last week, Nepal enacted a law to curb evangelism by criminalizing religious conversion, joining neighboring countries like India and Pakistan, where the region’s small-but-growing Christian minority faces government threats to… Read More

Some Early Christian Symbols (from Orthodox website)

Posted: October 24, 2017

In the ancient world, written symbols were viewed with a sense of mystical fascination. Pagans and Christians alike had a coded language of symbolism to express the mystical and mysterious… Read More

Q&A 1506 – Is the earth young, only 1000s of years old?

Posted: October 20, 2017

Scientists say the world is really old, but my Bible teacher says it only appears old — but it actually young, only 1000s of years old. What is the truth?… Read More

Right or Righteous, by Fred Faller

Posted: October 13, 2017

What do you think of when you hear the word “righteousness”? About a year ago I was challenged about my understanding of the nature of righteousness in the Bible and… Read More

Excellent Science & Religion course, by Denis Lamoureux

Posted: October 4, 2017

This course examines the nature of both science and religion and attempts to explore the possible relationships between them. The primary purpose is to dispel the popular myth that science… Read More

Daylight from a Deerstand, by Jerry Jones

Posted: September 27, 2017


An online trove of Biblical manuscripts

Posted: September 26, 2017

An extraordinary collection of 68 New Testament and other Biblical manuscripts dating from the fourth to the twentieth centuries has been digitized and made available for study online. Continue reading… Read More

Do We Actually Know What The Gospel Is? (Altar & Throne)

Posted: September 23, 2017

If you asked 20 separate Christians “What is the gospel,” you’d likely get 25 different answers. If you asked the same question in a group of 20 Christians, they might… Read More

Beyond Accountability, by Nate Larkin

Posted: September 18, 2017

I’m pleased to announce the release of a new FREE eBook from the Discipleship.org eBook series:Beyond Accountability by Nate Larkin. DOWNLOAD FREE NOW Beyond Accountability tells an important story about pornography and… Read More

No One Follows Their Heart, by Jon Bloom

Posted: September 13, 2017

Jon Bloom, in this fascinating article (posted at Desiring God), gives reasons that we don’t “follow” our hearts — which is backwards. We are supposed to lead our hearts. Intrigued? Click here for the article.

Forgiving the Wounds of a Friend, by Kristie Anyabwile

Posted: September 11, 2017

Forgiving the Wounds of a Friend I thought we were friends. The pain behind those words can overshadow years of life, love, and memories. All the good times fade to black when… Read More

Q&A 1502 – How long are the “days” of Genesis 1?

Posted: August 31, 2017

How long are the days in Genesis 1? Some of my friends insist they can only be regular 24-hour days. Others think they may be long periods of time. I’m… Read More

A Psychiatrist Who Defied the Transgender Movement, by Chuck Colson

Posted: August 28, 2017

Chuck Colson on Dr. Paul McHugh Back in June I [Colson] told you about renowned psychiatrist Paul McHugh. He’s won numerous international awards for his work, but he’s recently been… Read More

Q&A 1500 – Are eclipses signs from God that we should pay attention to?

Posted: August 26, 2017

[On the total solar eclipse of 21 Aug 2017.] I remember well my tremendous enthusiasm for the last total solar eclipse in the U.S. (1970). It’s been a long wait…. Read More

On the Literal Meaning of Genesis (Augustine)

Posted: August 21, 2017

Augustine (354-430 AD), writing some 1600 years ago, cautions Christians not to make proclamations about science and faith unless we are truly educated in science. His admonition is as true… Read More

Men vs Women: Google Guy Right about Sex Differences

Posted: August 13, 2017

The Science Says The Google Guy Was Right About Sex Differences A myriad of distinguished professors and social scientists have already confirmed what James Damore wrote in his Google memo:… Read More

Early Mormonism

Posted: August 6, 2017

Laying the Foundation Mormonism stands or falls on the word of just one man—its prophet— Joseph Smith Jr. If Joseph Smith lied, if there was no “revelation”, if he is proven… Read More

Augustine on Genesis

Posted: August 6, 2017

The churchman and theologian Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD) wrote, in his work The Literal Meaning of Genesis: Usually, even a non-Christian knows something about the earth, the heavens, and the… Read More

Francis Chan – Why I Left My Megachurch

Posted: July 27, 2017

Bestselling author Francis Chan recently exposed his heart to Facebook employees, detailing why he left the helm of his thriving megachurch in California seven years ago. Continue reading.

“Brides flee caliphate as noose tightens on ISIS”

Posted: July 17, 2017

Fighting in all female dorms, sex obsessed ISIS fighters, women divorced and remarried as many as six times — this is the world of ISIS. ISIS wife: It was like… Read More

Sister of the Earliest Compete Old Testament Found

Posted: July 6, 2017

Press Release: SISTER OF THE EARLIEST COMPLETE OLD TESTAMENT FOUND Tyndale House, Cambridge, announces a new discovery made by young researcher Dr. Kim Phillips published in its latest Tyndale Bulletin… Read More

Q&A 1494 – Appointing deacons

Posted: July 5, 2017

In the controversy of Acts 6, is the apostolic requirement that these leaders (the Seven) be full of the spirit, respected, and faithful still the rule for us today? And is this… Read More

Q&A 1491 – The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse indicated by Islamic flags?

Posted: June 28, 2017

I found a website proving that radical Islam is prophesized in the book of Revelations 6:1-8. Surely it cannot be a coincidence that the colors of the four horsemen of the apocalypse –… Read More

“Forged: Writing in the Name of God” – Book Review

Posted: June 27, 2017

Bart D. Ehrman, Forged: Writing in the Name of God—Why The Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are (San Francisco: HarperOne, 2011), 307 pages. The review is by… Read More

Gender & Sexuality – 3 Articles

Posted: June 24, 2017

Children being Experimented on and Scientist speak out against this … http://www.christianpost.com/news/gender-confused-kids-are-being-experimented-on-with-hormone-therapy-experts-188757/?utm_source=newsletter Johns Hopkins Researcher finds no conclusive evidence people are born gay or transgender … http://www.christianpost.com/news/no-scientific-evidence-that-people-are-born-gay-or-transgender-johns-hopkins-researchers-say-168263/page1.html Here’s the full… Read More

Q&A 1488 – Answering the JW claim about John 1:1 + NT Greek

Posted: June 21, 2017

I have a concern about the translation of John 1:1. Should the Greek text be translated “the word was God,” “the word was a god,” or “the word was divine”?… Read More

What Do You Pray for ISIS?

Posted: June 17, 2017

If you love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, the world will not be able to explain you. Continue reading here.

What know-it-alls don’t know, or the illusion of competence

Posted: June 12, 2017

Kate Fehlhaber is the editor in chief of Knowing Neurons and a PhD candidate in neuroscience at the University of California, Los Angeles. She lives in Los Angeles. Read complete article here.

Are Introverts Better Evangelists?, by Mike Shumann

Posted: May 28, 2017

“We introverts are prone to feel like evangelism is really just for extroverts. When Jesus commissions us to preach his good news, who’s naturally more excited to do it: those… Read More

The Real Root of Sexual Sin, by Jon Bloom

Posted: May 26, 2017

Our most powerful weapon in the fight against sexual temptation is not better accountability, but profound humility. To continue reading, click here.

The Horror of Human Embryo Jewelry, by Abigail Dodds

Posted: May 15, 2017

A company in Australia is turning frozen embryo children into jewelry for their parents to wear. Click here for full article.

The Evidence – Reasons for Faith, Parts 1 and 3

Posted: May 9, 2017

Watch the first and third classes Douglas offered at the North River Church of Christ in his new series The Evidence on March 2 and May 4. (Sorry, the second… Read More

Crossing Denominational Lines, by Guy Hammond

Posted: May 4, 2017

In April, at the Unboxed Conference in Orlando, Florida, Guy Hammond, Executive Director of Strength in Weakness (SIW), spoke on the topic of “Crossing Denominational Lines” and our SIW volunteer,… Read More

All is Dust and DNA by Jim Stump

Posted: April 14, 2017

  Note: This article was originally published on February 18, 2015, at OnFaith. It is reprinted with permission. I grew up in what is sometimes called a “low church” tradition that didn’t… Read More

What If My Husband Looks at Porn? by Kara Garis

Posted: April 8, 2017

It was such a kick to the stomach. A nauseating, heart-pounding kick. I remember staring, confused, at the computer screen. What exactly was he looking at, anyway? Is that what… Read More

NEVER Work like Elon Musk – Michael Hyatt

Posted: April 5, 2017

Elon Musk is widely regarded as one of the most influential entrepreneurs working today. He’s one of the founders of PayPal and the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. He wants… Read More

“What am I supposed to do?”, by Geoff Surratt

Posted: March 14, 2017

I recently had a fascinating conversation with a sharp young leader, who had just returned from an amazing vacation in the Caribbean. The food, the scenery, the weather, the company;… Read More

Churches Can Handle Change, But They Don’t Like Surprise, by Karl Vaters

Posted: March 13, 2017

Introducing big changes is much easier if we give church leaders and members the time to process them. To continue reading this article, click on this link: Churches Can Handle Change

What is Sinful Judgment? Matthew 7:1 Revisited, by Mads Fredskilde

Posted: March 8, 2017

Mads Fredkilde is a brilliant Danish brother who for some years has been living in Quito, Ecuador. We first met in London. Or was it Stockholm or Copenhagen? Mads’s paper… Read More

Another Old Torah Found

Posted: March 8, 2017

Used by permission of John Clayton, Q1, 2017 Does God Exist In 1970 an ancient copy of the Torah was found in the Jewish village known as En-Gedi. It has recently… Read More

How the Entitlement Mentality Crept into our Churches, Thom Rainer

Posted: March 6, 2017

In 1974 Burger King made a bold move to take market share from McDonald’s. At the time, McDonald’s made burgers en masse. If you wanted a special order, you had… Read More

“Misquoting” Jesus? Answering Bart Ehrman – CBN.com

Posted: March 6, 2017

In Misquoting Jesus, the New York Times bestseller subtitled The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why, author Bart Ehrman fires a shot meant to sink the ship of… Read More

Our Mother Who Art In Heaven?

Posted: March 4, 2017

With the recent launch of The Shack movie, we are reminded of a whole mix of theological questions raised by the novel, and the problems of projecting the divine onto… Read More

Disney shows gay kiss in a children’s cartoon for first time

Posted: March 3, 2017

March 2, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – The Walt Disney Company pushed the LGBT envelope a little further this week by airing its first on-screen gay kiss on an animated children’s program…. Read More

The “T” In LGBT: an interview with Brandon Redler

Posted: February 24, 2017

Meet Brandon Redler from SIW ministries, a man who lived as a woman named Desiree — before he found Jesus Christ. A powerful testimony, and much needed insight and education about the… Read More

12 Reasons Millennials Are Over Church, by Sam Eaton

Posted: February 21, 2017

59 Percent of Millennials Raised in a Church Have Dropped Out—And They’re Trying to Tell Us Why Only 4 percent of the Millennial Generation are Bible-Based Believers. This means that… Read More

A 12th “Dead Sea scrolls cave” found. Or was it?

Posted: February 13, 2017

On Feb 8, 2017, Israeli and U.S. archaeologists announced they’d found compelling evidence for a 12th Dead Sea Scroll cave. This is the first such discovery in 60 years. Click here to… Read More

“Trump, Christianity, and Social Media” by Daniel Berk

Posted: February 3, 2017

This week, last week, and nearly every day since midway through 2015, I’ve observed a progressive and polarizing social media war between Christians, non-Christians, liberals, conservatives, men, women, black people,… Read More

How Do You Super Bowl?

Posted: February 3, 2017

Ideas for Navigating Controversial Ads http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/how-do-you-super-bowl?

English pronunciation of biblical words

Posted: January 21, 2017

BibleSpeak | The Best Bible Name Pronunciation Tool Available

The Scariest Day of My Life, by Guy Hammond

Posted: January 19, 2017

I would have rather doused myself in honey and sacrificed myself to a bear than talk about it… Hardly anyone knew. I was way too embarrassed and ashamed to talk about… Read More

Prosperity Prayer at the Inauguration: Evangelicalism vs a False Gospel, by John Stonestreet, 17 Jan 2017

Posted: January 17, 2017

As you may have heard, several prominent religious leaders have been chosen to lead prayers at the upcoming presidential inauguration. Among them: Franklin Graham, and the Archbishop of New York,… Read More


Posted: January 14, 2017

From Nov/Dec 2016 issue of Does God Exist?, used with the permission of John Clayton The “2015 Chapman University Survey of American Fears” reports that 41.4% of all Americans believe that… Read More

New Revision of the HCSB (under a new name)

Posted: January 10, 2017

“Details are scant at this point, but I gather they’re pouncing on the void left by the NIV 2011. I’m curious about whether they’ll change back their rendering of YHWH… Read More

“Empty!” – by Douglas Jacoby

Posted: December 5, 2016

Sunday sermon given at North River Church of Christ, Atlanta, GA, Nov 27, 2016

The Bible vs. other Religious books—SLC*—28/11/2017

Posted: November 28, 2016

OPENING OBSERVATIONS The similarities (ultimate truth, longing for the holy) are greatly outweighed by the differences (God, goal, salvation…) General Revelation & Special Revelation Special Scripture (Bible) The person of… Read More

Black Tax and White Privilege by Gordon Ferguson

Posted: November 21, 2016

An Introduction to a New Blog on Racism and Prejudice http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1122296331446&ca=bf9b8aac-b70c-4680-ab1a-8091f6a4be95

Nietzsche: God is Dead, and other views

Posted: November 16, 2016

Listen to a podcast on The Life and Thought of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (32 mins). Click on the play arrow. To listen later, right click here and click on ‘save link… Read More

Q&A 1444 – The Resurrection (minimal facts)

Posted: November 11, 2016

I would be interested in knowing what you consider a strong argument for the resurrection of Christ. The vast majority of biblical scholars, whether Christian, Jewish, agnostic or atheist, admit… Read More

A Transgender Person: Coming to YOUR Church Soon! by Guy Hammond

Posted: November 6, 2016

The phone rings, and I pick up. “Hello.” A panicked voice blurts out “Is Guy Hammond there?” “This is Guy, who’s this?” “My name is Henry James (not his real… Read More

Walls of “Jesus’ Tomb” Exposed for the First Time in Centuries

Posted: November 2, 2016


Supreme Court Wrestles with Lesbian Adoptions (by John Clayton)

Posted: August 23, 2016

Used with permission by John Clayton, of Does God Exist? On March 7, 2016, the Supreme Court reversed Alabama’s refusal to recognize same-sex adoption, saying that same-sex couples cannot be… Read More

(Sarcastic) Piece on the Sinner’s Prayer

Posted: August 17, 2016

Bible Lacking Sinner’s Prayer Returned For Full Refund

Reflections on Sabbath service

Posted: August 4, 2016

by Daniel Berk, Madrid Shabbat Shalom For the first time in my life, I attended a Jewish Friday Sabbath Service with the Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Congregation. Their synagogue in… Read More

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Posted: July 20, 2016

Introductory Discovery (Muhammed edh-Dhib [the Wolf]), Nov 1946-Feb 1947 Khalil Eskander Shahin, or “Kando” (middle man) 1947-1956 Hidden since 68 AD Other caves with manuscripts have been discovered (outside scope… Read More

Don’t Grieve the Spirit (Daniel C. Berk)

Posted: July 12, 2016

Holy Spirit 4 July 5th, 2016 God Grieves From Within I’ve been here in St. Louis for a few days now before a North American conference begins, and I’m inspired by… Read More

Précis of Instone-Brewer’s books on divorce and remarriage

Posted: July 11, 2016

David Intone-Brewer, a British scholar who specializes in Rabbinic Judaism, writes the most biblically on-track books on the subject of marriage-divorce-remarriage. Instone-Brewer on Divorce & Remarriage

Don’t Listen to Guy!!

Posted: July 6, 2016

Guy Hammond’s ‘Strength in Weakness’ ministry is not without opposition. Click here to see some of the backlash.

Background to the Sinner’s Prayer

Posted: July 2, 2016

Click here to read this article. See also Steve Staten’s article on the Sinner’s Prayer here.

Q&A 1422 – How can we prove Jesus is the Messiah from the O.T.?

Posted: June 30, 2016

I am from a Jewish background. Would you please explain how Jesus Christ can be the Messiah, using the Hebrew Bible? Thanks. A fair question — and especially when you’ve… Read More

Would the world be more peaceful without religion?

Posted: June 29, 2016

Article of interest: http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/zcnm82p

Sub-Atomic Particles Are Evidence the Universe Was Created

Posted: June 18, 2016

String Theory Co-Founder: Sub-Atomic Particles Are Evidence the Universe Was Created By Barbara Hollingsworth | June 17, 2016 | 3:56 PM EDT Dr. Michio Kaku. (Wikipedia) (CNSNews.com) — Dr. Michio Kaku,… Read More

What a Homosexually Attracted, Canadian Christian Says About Orlando

Posted: June 17, 2016

Shooting in Orlando – What A Same Sex Attracted Christian Has to Say By Guy Hammond The world has gone mad. When police stormed the Pulse Nightclub in the early… Read More

The “M” Word

Posted: June 16, 2016

 Issue 69 • June 2016 Are There Health Benefits to Masturbation? [Video] Matt Fradd • Since the days of psychologists like Sigmund Freud and Alfred Kinsey, people picture the sexual impulse as… Read More

What Can We Learn From the Deadliest Shooting in U.S. History?

Posted: June 13, 2016

What Can We Learn From Deadliest Mass Shooting in U.S. History? June 12, 2016, by Jon Sherwood In what has become a far too common occurrence in recent American history,… Read More

Like sheep without a shepherd

Posted: June 10, 2016


Are Christian converts seeking asylum getting a raw deal?

Posted: June 6, 2016


New Parenting Resource

Posted: May 23, 2016

We have a new parenting resource for you to share! That’s right! We have an exciting new tool to help parents in the fight against Internet pornography. We have said… Read More

Honey I Shrunk the Church?

Posted: May 5, 2016

Honey I Shrunk the Church? May 5, 2016 John Porter   In my relatively short time practicing house church, I have learned that there are many different ideas about what… Read More

Postmodernism, Unboxed (longer) version

Posted: April 20, 2016

This is the expanded version of message I shared at the April 2017 UnBoxed Conference on Postmodernism, as well as at the Denver Youth & Family Conference in September 2017…. Read More

Christians, Politics and Social Media – Part 1

Posted: March 29, 2016

Article by Daniel C. Berk. Click here to read.

What God Has Joined Together

Posted: March 17, 2016

For an excellent article by David Instone-Brewer on the topic of Divorce & Remarriage, click here.

Divorce and Remarriage: A scholar’s take on the ancient issues

Posted: March 17, 2016

To read this article, please click here.

An Introduction to the Gospels

Posted: March 7, 2016

by Daniel C. Berk Click here for the article.

Cosmic Fall & Natural Evil, by Denis Lamoureux

Posted: March 5, 2016

Cosmic Fall & Natural Evil

Q&A 1402 – How do we know God is perfect?

Posted: March 2, 2016

“I’m studying the Bible with a friend who is still coming to faith. This question came up: ‘Just because God exists doesn’t mean he must be a perfect being, does… Read More

Do Christian Parents Flirt with the Idol of Safety?

Posted: March 1, 2016

Most families—rich, poor, or middle class—have an image, maybe even a dream, of what their child’s life will look like once they reach adulthood. If pressed to describe it, the image might… Read More

Christian Education

Posted: February 25, 2016

Here are two links containing schools, colleges and universities affiliated with Churches of Christ and the Christian Churches: http://kingstonchurchofchrist.com/christian-education/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_universities_and_colleges_affiliated_with_the_Christian_churches_and_churches_of_Christ

Job: The Problem of Suffering

Posted: February 23, 2016

Through The Bible In 30 Days: Day 13 by Daniel Berk http://www.danielcberk.com/#!Through-The-Bible-In-30-Days-Day-13/n96v6/56acd5ee0cf205a1e8578110

Does Raising Self-Esteem Turn Children into Narcissists?

Posted: February 17, 2016

Article of interest http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/does-raising-self-esteem-turn-children-into-narcissists/

The Twain Shall Meet – Science & Religion

Posted: February 9, 2016

New York Times article on science and religion http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/14/books/review/the-twain-shall-meet.html?_r=0

New Film Promotes Belief in the Resurrection

Posted: February 7, 2016

Read about how this film, to be put out on Feb 19, 2016 from Sony Pictures, will assist many who don’t see Him to come to believe in Christ and His… Read More

Why Teens Leave the Church

Posted: February 7, 2016

The one reason why college students leave the church could surprise you. http://www.collegeandseminary.com/college-life/the-1-reason-why-college-students-leave-the-church-could-surprise-you/#

9 Sins the Church is Okay With

Posted: February 4, 2016

Are we changing the Bible to fit our culture or are we changing our culture to fit the Bible? http://www.faithit.com/9-sins-the-church-is-okay-with/

I Choose Us

Posted: January 28, 2016

Help for building stronger, healthier marriages, consider this great ministry: About I Choose Us Past & Future Facilitators’ Workshops About Us Testimonies Worldwide Channel News Asia – Interview Movie Copyright… Read More

Thriving Beyond the Margins — A Resource That Every Christian NEEDS‏

Posted: January 26, 2016

Help for Christians who are helping their gay friends. A resource that every Christian needs in their library! Are you studying the Bible with someone who is gay? Where should… Read More

Q&A 1391 – Consummating a marriage?

Posted: January 14, 2016

If possible, a couple should consummate the marriage sexually, fulfilling the physical aspect of the “one flesh” principle. But if they don’t, is such a couple still considered married in… Read More

Q&A 1385 – With human divinity, is there a “quadrinity”?

Posted: December 19, 2015

Is there a quadrinity? Clearly, the Bible supports the triune nature of God. Moreover, the Scriptures demonstrate mutual love, honor, submission, and dependency between each part. I cannot help but notice… Read More

Thought-provoking website

Posted: December 18, 2015

Check out Daniel Berk’s thought-provoking website: http://www.danielcberk.com.  

Revelation 17 (the 7 “kings”)

Posted: November 27, 2015

Click below for chapter notes on Revelation, chapter 17 Revelation-Explained-Lesson-17

Holy Ghost Movie Exposé – Tim Wirth & Sandy Simpson 

Posted: November 25, 2015

A helpful critique of the current Zeitgeist and Weltgeist. Especially helpful: all the examples (video clips). Perhaps we don’t agree on every point of theology, but these guys have done a… Read More

Q&A 1380 – The missing day of Joshua, or Misuse of the Bible in Christian Evidences

Posted: November 20, 2015

Is there astronomical evidence for the missing day of Joshua 10? I saw somewhere that there is, and once heard a preacher confirm it. Often more harm than good is done… Read More

Q&A 1377 – Manuscript discovery proves Jesus married?

Posted: November 17, 2015

Recent claims that Jesus was married — always sure to draw a crowd — are based on the discovery of an ancient manuscript that has come to light. It’s not… Read More

Website contents

Posted: November 16, 2015

What do you get with your premium subscription? For less than 10 cents a day, you receive unlimited access to: 500+ MEATY ARTICLES, N.T. chapter studies, character studies, and more! NEARLY 1400 Q&As… Read More

Q&A 1376 – Did God Kill Uzzah?

Posted: November 16, 2015

Author: John Clayton of Does God Exist? Used with permission. When Richard Dawkins released his now famous atheist rant against God, he opened the door for many arm-chair atheists on… Read More

Q&A 1372 – Jesus and Horus (Egyptian god)

Posted: November 12, 2015

What’s the relationship between Jesus and Horus? Are they one and the same, or close relatives? I have heard that the Christians borrowed from Egyptian mythology. There is no relationship… Read More

10 Common Misconceptions about Religion

Posted: November 11, 2015

This is the full article connected with the 10 Nov 2015 newsletter, Answering Skeptics AB Our modern world, especially in the industrialized regions, seems to have a love/hate relationship with… Read More

Charles Darwin (two papers by Denis Lamoureux)

Posted: November 8, 2015

Here are two brilliant papers on Darwin, which should of interest to anyone following the creation & evolution debate. The author is my friend Denis Lamoureux, who is a professor… Read More

Reform Jews poised to pass transgender resolution

Posted: November 4, 2015


13 Scriptures to Help Siblings Get Along

Posted: November 1, 2015

http://lizzylife.com/2015/10/27/13-scriptures-to-help-siblings-get-along/ – Elizabeth Thompson

Transgender in the Church – Brandon Redler

Posted: October 23, 2015

Showing Christ’s Love to Transgender People My name is Brandon Redler and it is an honor for me to be used by God in my role as a member of… Read More

13 Confidence-Building Scriptures for Kids and Teens

Posted: October 3, 2015

by Elizabeth Thompson http://lizzylife.com/2015/09/16/13-confidence-building-scriptures-for-kids-and-teens/

When Kids Know God Better Than We Do

Posted: October 1, 2015

by Elizabeth Thompson http://lizzylife.com/2015/08/03/when-kids-know-god-better-than-we-do/

Evil & Suffering: Cruciform living, pt. 1

Posted: September 23, 2015

This is the full newsletter article for 23 Sept 2015. Evil & suffering Today and next week, when we conclude our exploration of the problem of suffering, we will discuss… Read More

Jesus: Historical Evidence

Posted: September 19, 2015

Jesus: The Historical Evidence To hear the podcast (34 minutes), just click on the link. Click here to download.  Historicity Three possibilities Mythological Existed, but the Bible has reinvented him… Read More

Thoughts on Randy Alcorn’s ‘The Treasure Principle’

Posted: September 17, 2015

Douglas Jacoby, 2015 I enjoyed reading Randy Alcorn’s The Treasure Principle. It’s light, readable, and makes many great points—especially for believers living in the affluent west. There were many helpful… Read More

The Great Ptolemaic Smackdown

Posted: September 10, 2015

My next door neighbor, enjoying the recent articles on evolution in which I reference the slowness of the academic world to accept heliocentricity (earth orbiting sun), sent these links. The… Read More

The atheist’s complaint: one Christian responds

Posted: September 1, 2015

A Christian brother asked me how I would respond to an atheist who is incensed at how theists caricature him and his friends. Here’s the atheist’s complaint. My response (in… Read More

Evolution: Answers to questions

Posted: September 1, 2015

Good answers Below are claims a skeptic might make — and possible responses the believer might make in return. 1. In portraying a 6-day creation 6000 years ago, Genesis is… Read More

Evolution: What About Genesis?

Posted: September 1, 2015

Evolution & Genesis (for newsletter 2 Sept 2015 in Answering Skeptics, R) Nature and Scripture, as we have seen, are complementary. This means that science and theology should be complementary,… Read More

How Wide the Divide: Sexuality & Culture

Posted: August 17, 2015

“How Wide the Divide: Sexuality at the Forefront, Culture at the Crossroads”, by Ravi Zacharias on July 15, 2015. http://rzim.org/global-blog/how-wide-the-divide-sexuality-at-the-forefront-culture-at-the-crossroads

‘Oldest’ Koran Fragments Found

Posted: July 23, 2015

It will be interesting to see how the wording in this fragment compares to the present-day canonical Qur’an. ‘Oldest’ Koran fragments found in Birmingham University What could be the world’s… Read More

Universities & their mottos

Posted: July 8, 2015

Universities & their Mottos is a podcast (25 minutes) examining how university education has changed in the last 1000 years, from training for Christian ministry to secular study, from broad… Read More

Jehovah’s Witnesses: I’ve Got Some “New Light” For You!

Posted: June 5, 2015

This site is full of great information, studies and explanations about the Jehovah Witness doctrines. http://thewatchtowerfiles.com/

Was oldest gospel really found in a mummy mask?

Posted: May 29, 2015

Click on the link to read this article posted on CNN http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/21/living/gospel-mummy-mask/index.html

Galatia, We Have a Problem

Posted: May 14, 2015

This short paper analyzes Paul’s passionate letter to the Galatians. Written by and used with permission of Graydon Stephenson. CLICK for the article.  

America’s Changing Religious Landscape

Posted: May 12, 2015


What Scares the New Atheists, by John Gray

Posted: March 5, 2015

This link will take you to John Gray’s insightful article in The Guardian.

River of Fire: Did God Create Hell? (Alexander Kalomiros)

Posted: February 24, 2015

For an unusually insightful perspective on hell by a Greek Orthodox perspective, read River of Fire. The author is Dr. Alexander Kalomiros.

The Decline and Rebirth of a Christian Anarchist Movement

Posted: February 20, 2015


What is the Real “Age of the Earth” Issue, by John Clayton

Posted: February 15, 2015

Adapted, with permission, from Does God Exist? January/February 2015, pp.3-9. Several years ago a spruce tree was discovered in Sweden that was determined by carbon dating to be 9,550 years… Read More

Rethinking Hell Conference

Posted: February 2, 2015

The details for a conference taking place in Pasadena, CA in June, 2015 http://www.rethinkinghellconference.com/

7 Startling Facts: An Up Close Look at Church Attendance in America

Posted: February 2, 2015

Click for a most illuminating study.

Tips for speakers 2: Welcome talks, contribution talks, etc

Posted: January 21, 2015

This document contains the guidelines we use in the North River Church of Christ for anyone speaking before the congregation. Rather than leaving it to chance, let’s be proactive. Solid… Read More

Tips for speakers 1: Communion talks

Posted: January 21, 2015

This is the first of two documents intended to improve, streamline, and sharpen the address given in many churches before the Lord’s Supper. (The second document covers welcome talks, announcements,… Read More

Q&A 1342 — Response to The Gay Debate: The Bible & Homosexuality

Posted: January 13, 2015

I am reaching out to  a woman who has a gay brother. This man is in a committed relationship and is also a committed church member in a large denomination that… Read More

Yahweh & the Ancient Gods

Posted: November 26, 2014

Originally titled Our God is an Awesome God: A Close Look at the gods of the Ancient World, and Why Yahweh is Best, this podcast examines the rivals of the one true… Read More

NeuroLogica Blog

Posted: November 19, 2014

http://theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php/lessons-from-dunning-kruger/#more-7303 Not sure how I found this and I’m not really a reader of psychology blogs, but I found this to be very interesting.  I’m not sending to you because… Read More

Slavery and the Bible

Posted: September 12, 2014

Here are a podcast and notes on Slavery and the Bible (43 minutes). To download the podcast, right click on “download” and select “save link as” or “save target as”… Read More

Cielo e Infierno: Castigo Terminal

Posted: August 8, 2014

Click on link for the PDF: Cielo e Infierno: Castigo Terminal For the English version of Heaven and Hell: Terminal Punishment (1991), click here.

Israel: A community of radical counter-culture

Posted: July 15, 2014

Israel was called to demonstrate the true God to the world (Exodus 19:4-6; Isaiah 49:6; Malachi 1:11,14; etc). Her religion was radically different to all other ancient religions (such as… Read More

Divorce rates, inside the church and outside

Posted: May 20, 2014

It is common to hear depressing statistics about divorce rates. The myth of the 50% divorce rate has been debunked for many years. But what about divorce rates within the… Read More

The Paranormal – Biblical Perspective

Posted: May 6, 2014

This is one of the keynote messages at a 2011 conference on the Paranormal — aboard the Queen Mary, a “haunted ship.” If you would like the entire conference, you… Read More

Jesus, Politics and Social Media – Tom Jones

Posted: January 11, 2014


How the Bible Came to Be, Part 5 – Gospels False and True

Posted: January 7, 2014

To listen to podcast later, right click link below and “Save target as” or “Save link as” Download Podcast For PDF notes for this class, click Here

Mormons Search the Web and Find Doubt

Posted: December 30, 2013


How the Bible Came to Be, Part 4 – The New Testament Apocrypha & Pseudepigrapha

Posted: December 14, 2013

To download this audio & listen to it later, click below and “save target as” or “save link as”. Download Podcast For PDF notes for this class, click Here

How the Bible Came to Be, Part 2 – The Old Testament Apocrypha

Posted: November 26, 2013

This is the second lesson in the series. To listen to podcast later, right click link below and “Save target as” or “Save link as” Download Podcast For PDF notes… Read More

How the Bible Came to Be, Part 1 – The formation of the Old Testament

Posted: November 26, 2013

To download the podcast and play it later, right click on the “download podcast” link below and select “save link as” or “save target as”. Download Podcast For PDF notes… Read More

Catholic Church repudiates limbo

Posted: August 30, 2013


Prayer Points: Republic of Ghana

Posted: July 31, 2013

This west African nation (population 24 million) is sandwiched between the Ivory Coast (to the west) and Togo (to the east). Next to the small nation of Togo is the… Read More

The Gospels Gain Respect

Posted: July 31, 2013

The Gospels Gain Respect (Edward Fudge, used with permission) For the past century, much of scholarly opinion has held that the Gospels as we have them were not written by… Read More

Monday Dinner

Posted: July 31, 2013

Mon 12 Mar 2012, Norcross, GA — in case you want to meet Michael Licona and Josh McDowell this Monday night, at dinner. (I’ll be there.) Update: 65 persons were… Read More

Bart Ehrman’s Forged – review by Michael Licona

Posted: July 31, 2013

Bart Ehrman penned Forged to argue that most of the NT is deceitfully attributed to men who never wrote these documents. The book was published in 2011. Michael Licona offers… Read More

Biblical literacy (the Pew Forum)

Posted: July 31, 2013

On Pew Forum’s 2010 U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey, which asked 32 questions on the Bible, major religious figures and core beliefs and practices, the average score was 16 correct. Who scored… Read More

The Restoration Hermeneutic & Fractures of the Church (Ron Petter)

Posted: July 31, 2013

Click here to download the .pdf file. Ron Petter is a respected Canadian evangelist and teacher in Hamilton, Ontario. Ron is working on his PhD at McMaster Divinity College, (www.macdiv.ca)… Read More

Can you write a review?

Posted: July 31, 2013

Would anyone like to write a brief review of one of my books at CBD? Compelling Evidence The Ultimate Bible Quiz Book Your Bible Questions Answered OR A Quick Overview… Read More

Inspiring journal update (J.R., China)

Posted: July 31, 2013

Note: Names altered for purposes of security Dear all, I wanted to share a very special weekend T. and I had last weekend. Our dear brother and sister, R. &… Read More

Ghosts / Violent World / Abuse of Women in China

Posted: July 31, 2013

All the following are used by permission of John Clayton (www.doesgodexist.org). These excerpts are from the Jan/Feb 2012 issue. BELIEVING IN GHOSTS. One of the areas we have gotten involved… Read More

Listen to Debate 7 — Richard Carrier v. Douglas Jacoby

Posted: July 31, 2013

Title: Jesus Christ — Son of God or Apocalyptic Prophet? And this is Richard Carrier’s own announcement of the event. Hopefully lots of atheists and lots of believers will support… Read More

Useful facts (The Foster Report [AACC], 2011)

Posted: July 31, 2013

The following facts have been culled from the bulletin of the American Association of Christian Counselors, "For the Record: The Foster Report," by Gary D. Foster. Gay – The average… Read More

Prayer Points: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Posted: July 31, 2013

Today Vietnam has 89 million inhabitants, primarily Vietnamese (87%), followed by Thai-Dai (5%) and Mon-Khmer (4%) and several other ethnic groups. This is one of the last bastions of Communism… Read More

Prayer Points: Republic of Singapore

Posted: July 31, 2013

This city-state, located one degree above the equator and immediately below the tip of the Malayan peninsula, is one of the most successful economies in the world, having moved from… Read More

Testing the Strong Ones (by Rocky Braat)

Posted: July 31, 2013

Rocky Braat is a friend of mine who loves the poor and the hurting and the needy. He has also fallen in love with India. Here is his latest report…. Read More

Participatory church (Michael Konomos), 2010

Posted: July 31, 2013

I am taking a closer look at the case for participatory church meetings outside 1 Corinthians 14. I will concede that 1 Corinthians 14 is the closest that we have… Read More