1. Transcription and translation

Perhaps you can help us to bring our teaching materials to more people, either through translation work (if you have strong language skills) or through transcription (audio to text).

  • Do you have a good command of English (grammar, spelling, punctuation) and the computer keyboard? We are looking for people who can convert audio lessons into text, and even into book format.
  • Are you a translator who can donate time to render teaching materials into Spanish, French, Russian, or Chinese? German, Portuguese, Japanese, or any other language? After the usual screening, we will send you the files and you may begin work when you are ready. This is a great way to volunteer your time.
  • We are especially eager to send files to third world countries so that they may produce their own materials, at a third world price level. (Books in the developing world often cost the equivalent of 1-2 weeks' salary.) If you have connections with the publishing world abroad and see a way to promote the ministry, please let us know.

2. Feedback & proofreading

Like any human endeavor, the website, as well as the products it promotes, is fallible and always in need or further revision and proofreading. Please feel free to:

  • Send an email whenever you find a typographical or other error, especially in newer editions of the books (1986-2007) and in all website materials.
  • Send feedback. This will be welcomed, never resented, and you will be contributing to the ministry in a very valuable way.
  • If you have technical expertise (websites, communications, etc) and would like to share an idea, please don't hold back.
  • When we moved the website from one platform to another platform, thousands of punctuation errors were created. If you have the patience and would like to help, especially in the first two months of the new site, we would be very grateful.

3. Spreading the word

If you know people who may be interested in the website, with its 5000+ pages of free Christian teaching materials, please spread the word.

  • Tell your friends about the articles, downloads, Q&As, books and audio, etc.
  • Send in the email addresses of interested persons to add them to the monthly update list.
  • If you know anyone in a position to make a financial contribution, or to become a monthly supporter, please let them know about the needs.

4. Sending in used books

Used Christian books are appreciated everywhere!

  • I normally bring a case or two of donated books (new and used) everywhere I go in the third world.
  • Books may be in English or any other language. They will be distributed at the discretion of the traveling teacher.
  • Please send me an email if you would like to contribute used books. (Note: such contributions, unlike all other donations that can be made at this website, are not tax deductible.