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Q&A 1484 – Gen 10:5 and 11:1 — a contradiction?

In Genesis 10:5 we read: "From these the maritime peoples spread out into their territories by their clans within their nations, each with... Read More

Q&A 1483 – Zakir Naik, Jonah, and the Resurrection

Zakir Naik points out that Jonah was still alive when he was in the belly of the fish. But Jesus was dead and resurrected after... Read More

Q&A 1482 – Iron-clad objection?

A friend recently raised an interesting matter, and I was hoping you could provide some clarification. He pointed out that Joshua 17:18... Read More

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The Horror of Human Embryo Jewelry, by Abigail Dodds

A company in Australia is turning frozen embryo children into jewelry for their parents to wear. Click here for full... Read More

The Making of a Christian Leader: Michael Green in conversation²

... Read More

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International speaker, debater and Christian apologist Dr. Douglas Jacoby has provided a valuable tool for laypeople with this introduction to reading the Bible. Students of the Bible understand that a historical background to biblical times is necessary for one to understand the Bible accurately. And Dr. Jacoby delivers the goods in an easily accessible format, serving the reader as a warm and interesting tour guide into the past. I wish I had this book as a college student!

- Michael R. Licona, Ph.D., author of The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach, commenting on A Quick Overview of the Bible

A Valuable Tool