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  1. ‘The Evidence’ – Class 5

    July 20 @ 7:15 pm - 9:00 pm
  2. 2017 Israel Biblical Study Tour (BST)

    July 24 - July 31
  3. ‘The Evidence’ – Class 6

    August 10 @ 7:15 pm - 9:00 pm
  4. Knoxville, TN

    August 16 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
  5. Youth & Family Conference, Denver

    August 31 - September 3
  6. AIM Old Testament Interpretation

    September 16 - September 17
  7. AIM Family Life with Guy & Cathy Hammond and Brandon Redler

    November 17 - November 19

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Q&A 1490 – The race to Mars: a waste of money?

What is your viewpoint on scientists' attempt to land on Mars in order to search for signs of life? Is the... Read More

Q&A 1489 – Paul trained by the Romans to kill Christians?

I heard from a preacher that when Paul was watching Stephen being killed (Acts 7:58), and as he continued to persecute Christians,... Read More

Q&A 1488 – Answering the JW claim about John 1:1 + NT Greek

I have a concern about the translation of John 1:1. Should the Greek text be translated "the word was God," "the word was a god," or "the... Read More

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2017 Global Report on Where Christians Are Persecuted Today

VOM’s 2017 Global Report on the persecution of Christians worldwide has been created to help guide your prayers for our persecuted... Read More

Why I Am Not an Evangelical (or am I?), by Douglas Jacoby

To listen to the third podcast in the series on Christian identity, Why I Am Not an Evangelical -- or Am I? (32 min), click on the arrow.... Read More

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Following is the 2010-2017 CURRENT EVENTS & ISSUES PODCAST LIST. On average, each week one new podcast will be recorded... Read More

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Professor Jacoby, after a dozen graduate level courses at my university, yours was the first course that made me cry! The unit on Morality & Suffering was so personal and practical. It deeply stirred me, compelling me to engage in some much needed soul searching. Thank you!

-- A graduate student at Lincoln Christian University, where Douglas serves as Adjunct Professor