Can a Person be Gay and a Christian?

The Christian's Response to Gay Affirming Theology

Pro-gay advocates and gay affirming churches propagate the notion that an individual can embrace

homosexuality while being a follower of Christ.


Are they right?
Are they wrong?




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“This is one of the most important Christian books of our generation; a must read for Christian educators, Clergy, Church Boards, and all Christians!”
Kevin Cavanaugh
Executive Director
Free to Care Canada

"If anyone has earned the right to teach on the biblical view of homosexuality, it is Guy Hammond. He has changed countless lives all over the world."

Gordon Ferguson
Author and Lecturer
Dallas, Texas


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Nominated for Best Director and Best Documentary at the

2018 International Christian Film Festival in Orlando


How a gay man found Jesus and started a global movement (part 1 of 3) | Finding Guy

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