The 2023 devotional series explores how Matthew's gospel sheds light on Christ in the Old Testament. These daily messages are intended to bring inspiration and insight as we appreciate the amazing sensitivity and depth shown in Matthew.

The first 5 talks are public. To continue listening, you'll need to log in (as a website member). The final 4 talks summarize what we've learned, teach us about the apostle / evangelist Matthew, include a list of key verses in this gospel, and offer a quiz to test your knowledge.

The messages begin on 1 January 2023. You can access them from this page—though not in advance. (For example, Prism 05 is live on the 5th; Prism 31 on the 31st.)

Here's a brief (audio) explanation:

Prism 00:  Insight & Inspiration (explanation of series [above])
Prism 01:  The Crucial Placement of Women in Christ's Genealogy
Prism 02:  Dust, Grime, and the Virgin Birth
Prism 03:  The Outsiders Get It, the Insiders Don't
Prism 04:  Israel, or Christ? Herod, or Jesus?
Prism 05:  The Water & the Challenge
Prism 06:  Temptations Three
Prism 07:  The Epitome
Prism 08:  Our Sins & Sicknesses
Prism 09:  Winds & Waves, Mercy & Sacrifice
Prism 10:  Malachi, David, Micah
Prism 11:  Isaiah & the Dead Sea Scrolls
Prism 12:  Servant, Satan, Sign, Solomon, etc.
Prism 13:  Bread & Fish
Prism 14:  ID, Transfiguration, Tax
Prism 15:  Sheep & Thrones
Prism 16:  Ransom
Prism 17:  Colt, Clouds, Clamor, Cleansing
Prism 18:  Prayer & Thieves
Prism 19:  Cornerstone
Prism 20:  The Most Quoted O.T. Passage
Prism 21:  The Coming of the Lord
Prism 22:  Judgment & Betrayal
Prism 23:  Worthless Shepherds, Legions of Angels
Prism 24:  Crucifixion
Prism 25:  Through the Veil
Prism 26:  Sepulcher & Stone
Prism 27:  Terrified Men, Courageous Women
Prism 28:  Rapid Review of the Prism series
Prism 29:  Matthew the Evangelist
Prism 30:  My Favourite "Prism Passages" in Matthew
Prism 31:  Self-assessment