January Refreshment is Coming....

I know it's only the start of December, but it's never too early to start thinking about what's coming round the corner. The seasonal rush will soon be threatening to overwhelm us, so why not get a head-start - not to your Christmas shopping, but your spiritual preparation for 2022?In this vein I recorded a class for the excellent folks in the Thames Valley churches of Christ (by the way, check out our new website and give us some feedback if you wouldn't mind). The class is based on the 'Examen' and can be used for individual and/or group reflection. You may find a way for the founder of the Jesuits to bless your spiritual well-being. Here is my favourite quote from the class:"In his book on prayer, Pete Greig put it like this.... It's like: ‘rummaging for God. Going through a drawer full of stuff, feeling around, looking for something that you are sure must be there.’ Greig, Pete. How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People (p. 150). John Murray Press. Kindle Edition."January sees us putting on the first ever conference planned by the Thames Valley churches of Christ. The info you need can be found by clicking the image below. As well as local speakers we are delighted to welcome Gordon Ferguson, Steve & Trish Staten and John & Karen Louis as teachers of some of the myriad of classes on offer. In the Watford church we're looking at Matthew 1:18-25 this coming Sunday. Did you know that Jesus had two 'names'? Perhaps you have two names as well. What is your "they will call him" name (Matt 1:23)? Tune in on Sunday if you would like to worship with us via the live feed. For the link go to the Watford church of Christ facebook page.In the meantime, down in Thames Valley, we're gearing up for your first carol service for two years. Details below if you would like to sing along.Looking a little further ahead, why not make a plan to attend this conference? I registered this week and am hoping that COVID etc allows me to attend in the flesh. https://www.icocteacherconference.com   

Let's review what has gone up on the site and my YouTube channel recently...

ReadingSome of my reading at the moment includes:

The near future 

  • Catching up with all the reading I've not managed so far for my Masters course. It's 'reading week' at the London School of Theology.
  • Continuing to pray for discernment regarding our connection with the West Watford free church
  • A gathering with the location leaders of the Thames Valley churches of Christ on Monday evening
  • A gathering with the family group leaders of the Thames Valley churches of Christ on Saturday morning in which we shall discuss the way in which we can inspire every-member involvement and ownership
  • Carol singing at a sheltered accommodation facility in Bushy Heath on Saturday afternoon.
  • Planning the carol services for Thames Valley & Watford
  • Working on plans (together with Andy Boakye and Douglas Jacoby) for a UK & Ireland teaching programme based on the Athens Institute of Ministry. We will launch Easter 2022.

God bless, Malcolm