Truth Changes Everything

How People of Faith Can Transform the World In Times of Crisis

By Jeff Myers, Ph.D., President of Summit Ministries

As a university student, I was taught that the world was stuck in the Dark Ages until the Enlightenment, when reason replaced revelation. Smart people quit believing in a personal God. The rejection of God, I was told, paved the way to a new era in science, technology, the modern managed economy, and personal—especially sexual—freedom. This “just so” story is false.

In my book Truth Changes Everything, I share stories of theologians, educators, scientists, architects, political theorists, and artists whose full embrace of Truth as revealed in Jesus set the world on a self-correcting course of flourishing.

The battle over truth has reached a fever pitch in our own day. Against the trend of “speaking your truth,” it is up to believers to “seek the truth” and to remind the world that Truth isn’t just a set of logical propositions; it is a person. It is Jesus. And that truth changes everything.

“This book is perfectly titled because truth does change everything. It changes whether we live in hope, love, and faith or fear and despair. Dr. Myers lays out what is at stake in the battle for Truth and offers a road map for how Truth can be known and experienced. This is a timely, insightful, and story-filled book.”

Sean McDowell, Ph.D., author of Chasing Love and A Rebel's Manifesto

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