• Fair Havens

    In your own life, have the seas been rough? Have you been battered by storms, or blown off course? If so, join us. Fair Havens is a ministry to restore hope to the weary traveler. It's an anchor for the soul, a safe harbor offering spiritual refreshment. Fair Havens is a digital portal to multiple resources bringing renewal, repair, and strength for the onward journey.

    Our spiritual journey has been long, and often difficult. The storms of life can be disorienting. Sometimes we've found ourselves on our own and without support. Our needs are not being met. But we are not alone. The Lord is near. He desires that we turn to him, for he is the one who restores our soul (Psalm 23:3). For us the best help has come through God's Word, and we want to share that with you. — Douglas & Vicki

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  • On Location with Jesus

    Follow the path of Jesus as he comes to earth, grows up, launches his ministry, and touches lives through the region of Israel. Each day brings us to a new site important in the life of Christ. There are 31 talks in all.

    Please join Vicki and me on this biblical itinerary. "Traveling" with Jesus also helps us to journey better with our brothers and sisters. Enjoy the new series!


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  • The Women of the Bible

    A Cultural Tour of the Biblical World

    (Focus on food, family, daily life)

    21-31 May, 2025

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  • Women of Worth

    Follow Vicki Jacoby as she ponders anew the women of the Bible, the well known and also the little known. Women of Worth is not only a fresh look at scores of interesting biblical characters, but also a source of inspiration for daily Christian living.

    Vicki's Podcast Channel
  • Biblical Study Tours

    Next up: Turkey 2024 and Israel 2025.

    Consider joining us for great times of learning, fellowship, and to come into personal contact with the ancient & biblical world.

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  • Messages from Matthew

    This devotional series explores how Matthew sheds light on Christ in the Old Testament.

    The daily messages are intended to bring inspiration and insight as we appreciate the amazing sensitivity and depth shown in Matthew's gospel.

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  • Douglas Jacoby Podcast

    The podcast of the International Teaching Ministry with Douglas Jacoby. Our goal: to help people think about faith.

    My Podcast Channel
  • Meet Dr. Douglas Jacoby

    Douglas has been teaching Bible, writing books, recording podcasts, debating with atheists and religious leaders (Jewish, Muslim, and Christian), and speaking in universities for four decades. He has written 35 books, and leads annual tours of the biblical world.

    Douglas strives to make every article, podcast, and other work here objective, relevant, and understandable. You may not agree with every point, but you will be challenged in your faith — something that is truly essential to spiritual growth.

  • iFaith Video Sermons

    Check out these short video messages (10-15 minutes), which take us through every book of the Bible! There are 120 in all, not counting the 18 short introductory talks.

    You all also find a 26-part devotional series on the Sermon on the Mount.

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  • Bible Study

    Check out over 400 Biblical studies! Inside you'll find multiple studies from both the Old & New Testaments. Much of the content is free, but you will also find in-depth studies for premium members.

    •  Romans A-Z
    •  The Sermon on the Mount
    •  Proverbs–The Disciplined Life
    •  A Tour Through John
    •  OT Character Studies
    •  NT Character Studies
    •  10 Commandments
    •  Psalms
    •  Isaiah & Injustice
    •  Amos
    •  Ezekiel
    •  Matthew
    •  Hebrews
    •  James

  • Personal Devotional Study

    Use these insightful Bible studies for daily times with God and more.

    •  Christ Through the Ages
    •  Drawing Near to God
    •  The Imitation of Christ
    •  Proverbs–The Disciplined Life
    •  The Sermon on the Mount

  • New Testament Chapter Studies

    Detailed notes (approximately 1000 pages), covering every chapter in the New Testament, and frequently revised (as I continue to learn). This is a living document.

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  • Character Studies

    Over 130 lessons on interesting, inspiring, informative biblical characters (men and women).

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  • Unlock Hundreds of Podcasts and Studies!

    Premium users get access to additional in-depth studies and podcasts for just $36.50 per year. That's just 10¢ a day, or $3/month.

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  • Old Testament Bible Study

    Check out a myriad of articles, podcasts, videos & sermons that delve into the Old Testament.

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  • Gift Subscriptions

    For a simple, inspiring, and practical present, why not get your friend or family member a website subscription? Resources include:

    •  New January series: “On Location with Jesus" (31 days)
    •  Access to all premium digital resources: audio, video, articles, podcasts.
    •  New Testament commentary—a $75 value—at your fingertips.
    •  50% off on webinars (Christian evidences, spiritual life, and more)
    •  15% discount on everything at the online book store
    •  These resources are nourishing for believers and helpful for seekers.

    Once you’ve purchased the subscription, an activation code will be sent. Share it—the recipient uses it to sign up for a full year of unlimited access.

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  • New Testament Bible Study

    Check out a myriad of articles, audio talks, videos & sermons that delve into the New Testament.

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  • 74 Days of QTs

    The 74-lesson sequence combines various biblical studies with character podcasts.

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Fresh Material

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15-minute video sermons through every book of the Bible! These easy-to-follow lessons were originally created for underground churches in Asia.

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Communion sermons

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Books & Audio

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The Jacobys' YouTube channels

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