Famous Christians

St. Patrick’s Day

Posted: March 15, 2021

Famous Christians 2: Patrick Here are a podcast plus notes on St. Patrick’s Day (8 minutes). To download the podcast, right click on “download” and select “save link as” or “save target… Read More

Brother Lawrence

Posted: April 25, 2018

Introduction We may be tempted to conceive of Christian history as a vast wasteland stretching from the post-apostolic period till fairly modern times; yet this is not quite accurate. Even… Read More

St. Nick: Historical Core of Xmas Lore

Posted: December 5, 2015

Famous Christians 1: Nicholas of Myra This is the story (16 minutes) of Nicholas of Myra, a 4th century Christian leader, who became “Saint Nick.” Though Christmas lore is nearly… Read More

Lessons from the Protestant Reformation

Posted: November 8, 2015

Here are the links for the major classes given in the 2015 Biblical Study Tour. The theme was “Finding God When the Church is Adrift,” and the teaching took place in… Read More

Martin Luther and the Reformation, by James Greig

Posted: September 1, 2003

Here is a paper on the life and ministry of Martin Luther. It is written by James Greig: pdf file.

Oxford and the English Martyrs, by James Greig

Posted: August 5, 2003

The following are excerpts from Foxe’s Book of Martyrs (published Ambassador, complete), first published Basle 1559. John Foxe studied at Oxford and was ordained by Nicholas Ridley in 1550. He… Read More