40 Days of QTs

40 Days of QTs

Scroll all the way down for the introductory podcast and notes explaining the 40-day series.

You can listen to the podcasts later, even after the series "disappears," by searching under the headings NT Podcasts, OT Podcasts, and Various Podcasts at the right of your screen.

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The Psalms lessons are cumulative; they build on one another. To learn the most, try to listen to them in order.

40 Days (Introduction - scroll down on this page)

1. Psalm 1 (basic principles; exploring the first psalm)

2. Psalm 19 & 119 (the Word of God in Psalms)

3. Psalm 130, 62 (encountering the God of the Psalms)

4. Psalm 139, 40, 117 (the importance of double focus)

5. Psalm 12, 46, 88 (the Darkness)

6. Psalm 73, 37 (When I'm Drifting)

7. Psalm 51 (Create in me a Pure Heart)

8. Psalm 137, 58, 109 (Prayers You Shouldn't Pray)

9. Psalm 2, 22, 69, 110 (Christ in the Psalms A)

10. Psalm 23, 49, 55 (Christ in the Psalms B)

The lessons on the 10 Commandments are also cumulative. To learn the most, try to listen to them in order. The Decalogue podcasts are shorter than the Psalms lessons, so occasionally you might want to combine days.

11. The First Commandment (no other gods)

12. The Second Commandment (no idols)

13. The Third Commandment (God's name)

14. The Fourth Commandment (Sabbath)

15. The Fifth Commandment (parents)

16. The Sixth Commandment (murder)

17. The Seventh Commandment (adultery)

18. The Eighth Commandment (stealing)

19. The Ninth Commandment (false witness)

20. The Tenth Commandment (coveting)

The third section in our series covers a number of spiritual disciplines. Speakers include Tom Jones, Ron Clark, Ed Anton, Joey Harris, and me. Unlike the Decalogue series, none of these lessons is short; they are substantial. This sub-series ranges from prayer & fasting to the disciple's attitude towards (and use of) money.

21. Prayer & Fasting

22. Holiness

23. The Lord's Prayer (by Tom Jones)

24. Matthew & True Righteousness (by Ron Clark)

25. Modesty

26. Taking up the Cross (by Ed Anton)

27. Creative Quiet Times, Pt. I (by Joey Harris)

28. Creative Quiet Times, Pt. II (by Joey Harris)

29. Creative Quiet Times, Pt. III (by Joey Harris)

30. Neither Poverty Nor Riches (by Steve Jacoby)

The final section of the 40 Days series focuses on men and women who knew the Lord. (And in the case of the first podcast, someone who was the Lord!)

31. Jesus

32. John the Baptist

33. Joseph (of Genesis)

34. Mary

35. Mary & Martha

36. Stephen

37. Paul

38. Elisha

39. Esther & Mordecai

40. Thomas


Introductory Podcast

Here are a podcast and notes on Drawing Near to God: 40-Day Quiet Time Series (9 minutes).


Introduction: Dark Days in Israel

Theme scripture: "'Their leader will be one of their own; their ruler will arise from among them. I will bring him near and he will come close to me—for who is he who will devote himself to be close to me?’ declares the Lord. “‘So you will be my people, and I will be your God.’” -- Jeremiah 30:21-22

Virtues of daily time in the word

10 reasons for daily devotions

1. Begin the day in less pressurized or hectic manner.

2. Think more spiritual thoughts, better able to handle the tough things that come our way.

3. Be stronger spiritually.

4. Fight temptation with scripture.

5. Have a better grasp of the big story of scripture.

6. More to share with seekers, in counseling, even in group talks.

7. The ability to profit greatly from more in-depth Christian books.

8. Start the day with the Lord.

9. A clearer conscience.

10. Greater sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit.

The series is designed to catapult us into a new season.

I. Drawing Close to God Through the Psalms

The 19th book of Bible is the most quoted in the New Testament, and for good reason.

The Psalter has functioned as a sort of prayer book and hymn book for Christians through the ages.

The path is not easy, life isn't fair, and we often don't get our way. This book encourages you and me to get honest with God.

10 podcasts in all.

II. Drawing Near to God Through the Law

True, the law showed our inability to live apart from God, yet the law is good. It reveals God's holiness.

The Decalogue (10 commandments) are the nucleus; the rest of the law fleshes out these principles, giving practicals for living out a relationship with God.

The Torah may not be the law for us, but it's still the word of God for us, and we profit greatly by studying it.

10 lessons in all, one from each commandment.

III. Drawing Near to God Through Spiritual Disciplines

Spirituality has never been purely "spontaneous." Spiritual life--a relationship with God--requires work, just as any relationship entails effort.

We will study 7 disciplines and also hear lessons on improving our daily Quiet Times.

6 different speakers (Ed Anton, Ron Clark, Joey Harris, Douglas & Steve Jacoby, Tom Jones)

Will cover such diverse areas as Prayer & Fasting, Modesty, and Taking Up the Cross.

10 lessons in all.

IV. Men and Women Close to Their Lord

What does it look like when people are living disciplined spiritual lives, internalizing the principles of God's word?

Learn from such persons as Abraham, Hannah, David, Manasseh, Mary, Paul, Mary & Martha, Stephen, John the Baptist, and of course Jesus.

10 talks in all.

Suggestions for the next 40 days (days 41-80)

Preserve your momentum! There's no need to stop after 40 podcasts; there are hundreds more.

Suggestions for even more lessons will be offered (all at this website), shortly before the end of this series.

40 lessons in all.


Subscribers live in multiple time zones. When possible I will try to have the next lesson up at the start of the day for subscribers living in Australia and New Zealand.

What is guaranteed is that the next lesson will appear on the next day Eastern Standard Time.

Lessons begin 1 January and end 9 February, though they will always be available for members (they never expire).

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