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In March, I [Mike] was interviewed 8 times on various topics for YouTube. I also lectured on the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection online for a group in India that connected groups from 6 university campuses in that country. Pretty cool!

The remainder of my time this month has been spent preparing for my April 9 debate on the resurrection of Jesus with atheist New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman. The debate is set for Saturday, April 9 and scheduled to be 7 hours long! Prof. Ehrman is probably the most influential skeptical New Testament scholar in the world today. We have had 6 previous debates/dialogues and have developed a friendship over the years. That said, our debates have always been spirited. This one will go in-depth more than any previous debate I’ve had. In fact, this may be the most comprehensive public debate on the resurrection of Jesus in modern times! This debate is going to take place online. Because of the costs involved in hosting this event, the event is going to be by pay-per-view. More than 1,300 have already registered! The cost is $39.95 through Sunday. However, beginning Monday, the cost will be $49.95. Prof. Ehrman’s organization is putting on the event and is allowing my donors and newsletter recipients to receive a 15% discount, regardless of when they register. Again, the debate is scheduled for Saturday, April 9 from 9:30am-4:30pm EDT. Those who register can view the event live and/or anytime thereafter and as many times as they desire. The debate will likely never be available for free viewing. To register, Click here. Then click “Register Now.” The Coupon Code is “WINMIKE.” This coupon code is for our donors and newsletter recipients only. So, please do not pass it along to others. Please be aware that, when registering, you will begin receiving promotional emails from Bart Ehrman’s organization. Feel free to “unsubscribe” after the debate if you do not wish to receive emails from them. Regardless of whether you register to view the debate, please do pray for me! I would be most grateful.