Have you ever been part of an undertaking that energizes and delights you and that you find extremely gratifying? Often it’s because of the terrific people involved, the vision behind that effort, and the rich fruit that this work yields. All three of these factors describe my experience with The Worldview Bulletin team:  my fine Palm Beach Atlantic University philosophy colleague Paul Gould; my moral argument comrade-in-arms David Baggett; my new friend Melissa Cain Travis, whose work I’ve appreciated over the years; and Chris Reese, with whom I’ve coedited two books and who has been our creative and intrepid Worldview Bulletin editor-in-chief. We appreciate one another, love working together, and firmly believe in the importance of vision.

Our Bulletin offers something utterly unique. Its many contributors provide cutting-edge, wide-ranging, accessible essays, discussions, and resources that reinforce the clarity, beauty, and goodness of the biblical faith. Would you consider going beyond the general Worldview Bulletin mailings to become a paid subscriber? Prayerfully and properly availing yourself of these resources would help expand your worldview horizons, make you a more effective ambassador for Christ in a changing and challenging culture, allow you to enter into new pathways of Christian discipleship and ministry, and help The Worldview Bulletin to have an even wider reach.

With hearty thanks,

Paul Copan