Beat anxiety with these 5 moves

...and watch it dissipate fast

Feeling anxiety is unavoidable and deeply human.

I have never met a successful creator, builder, leader, or entrepreneur who doesn’t feel like a failure or impostor often. What makes them successful long-term is knowing how to navigate that primal, lizard-brain impulse that comes with bringing something new into the world.

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Over the decades of creative and entrepreneurial work, I have developed 5 moves to crush anxiety assaults. Most times, if I implement all five, my anxiety is gone 100% somewhere between an hour and a day depending on the severity of it and the audacity of the undertaking that triggered it.

The concept I use to describe this phenomenon is Resistance. I learned it from two people I consider mentors although I’ve never met either of them.

The first one is Seth Godin. As any brilliant marketer, Seth has profound insights into human nature and an uplifting clarity on what true marketing really is. I read everything he writes, one book you can start with is Linchpin: Are you Indispensable? 

The second, and I believe the person who coined the term Resistance, is Steven Pressfield. I also read everything Steven writes. His fiction work, like the brilliant Gates of Fire about the Battle of Thermopylae, describes the ancient world so accurately, that it’s studied in Westpoint. For the sake of this topic, a good book to start with would be the non-fiction The War of Art.

Back to my anxiety-crushing practices: The 5 Moves I use are as follows. The core thing I start with, especially when everything in my being wants to stop, shrink and wallow in self pity is to move. 

My soul through prayer.

My body through exercise.

My mind through learning.

My relationships through conversation.

My work through action.

If you experience similar anxiety attacks and you’re like me, determined to use your gifts and serve as many people as you can, check out this video. If you like what you hear, I would love you to subscribe to the channel and leave me your thoughts in the comments here or on the Youtube video.



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