Wallace Henley
Wallace Henley, former Senior Associate Pastor of 2nd Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.
 | Photo by Scott Belin

The Church of Scotland’s General Assembly will soon consider a proposal to erase “husband” and “wife” from its official marriage ceremony.[1]

Changing worldview and their inherent values are gradually bringing about a slow but accelerating fade of marriage as described in the Bible.

It’s not just the homosexual movement impacting the view of marriage, but the wide acceptance of pre- and non-marital sex even among purported Christians. In a 2020 survey, Pew Research found that forty-six percent—nearly half—of Evangelical Americans see no problem with sex outside of marriage, despite Bible teachings.

As a minister ordained in 1962, I can look back over the years and attest to the fact that the number of weddings I was asked to perform shrunk significantly.

Biblical instructions have faded into the searing flashes of one-night stands, common-law marriage, and casual couplings.

In addition, given the homosexual movement, “husband” and “wife” are awkward terms.

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