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Currently available:

Various topics (182)
What Happens After Death?
The General Resurrection
Thoughts on Heaven & Hell
What about those who’ve never heard?
2012 & the End of the World
The Rapture & the Tribulation
Speaking in Tongues
The Original Languages of the Bible
Original Sin
Surprises from Acts 2
Earthquake, Flood, Fire, & Storm
Tattoos & body piercings
Prejudice: The Wolf will lie down with the Lamb (Aziz Sarah)
The Book of Eli (Joey Harris)
What does the Bible say about Tithing?
Is it Wrong to be Rich?
Why Atheism Fails
The Shack
A Christian Response to the Global Financial crisis
Serving the Poor: Second Thoughts
Crime & punishment
Capital punishment
The Angelic Beings
Reading Biblical Books (Joey Harris)
Demon possession & Exorcism
Aliens & the Bible
Alone with a Jihadist (Aaron Taylor)
Who's Fat?
The Gender of God
Judging, Tolerance, & Exclusivism
Law, Allegiance & Revolution
The American Civil War
Astrology & Horoscopes
Illegal Immigration
The Secret
The Sabbath
The Lord's Prayer (Tom Jones)
Homosexuality (Guy Hammond)
Slavery and the Bible
Take Up the Cross (Ed Anton)
Lessons I Have Learned from God (David Bercot)
Decision-making & the Will of God
Rejoicing in the Death of Osama bin Laden (?)
The Antichrist
The Big Bang (Sten Johanesson)
Stem Cell Research
Harry Potter
Why God Sent a Son—And not a Daughter
Heaven is For Real (Or Is It?)
Egyptian Plagues and Gods (Sten Johannesson)
Questions on Genesis
Evangelism in the Early Church, 30-200 (Part I & II)
Five Laws of the Kingdom (David Bercot)
Communication in Relationships (Cristian Paduraru)
The God of the Old Testament
A review of the "Doctrine of Non-Accumulation"
A review of Ron Moseley's Jeshua: A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church
Prayer & Fasting
The Hunger Games
The Mission
O.T. Archaeology & N.T. Archaeology
Prayer & Fasting
Why Doubt is Good
Lessons of Suffering from Mexico (Arturo Elizararras)
7 Compact Evidences Arguments
Creative Quiet Times 1, 2, & 3 (Joey Harris)
Priests & Levites (Steve Jacoby)
The Herods (Steve Jacoby)
Near Death Experiences and Out-of-Body Experiences
The Name of God
Receiving Christ
The Life of Pi
Staying Single
The Matrix (Joey Harris)
Tithes & Offerings (Steven Jacoby) (2)
How the Bible Came to Be (5)
Character & Personality (teen lesson)
Dragons & the Bible
A Mass Conversion of Israel?
Escape—from addictive behaviors (4)
Business Ethics
Divergent (the movie)
Noah (the movie)
The Lord's Supper: From Table to Altar
Sound Doctrine
Questions about Modern Israel
Rethinking Hell (3)
Lording it Over Others
Pride & Prejudice
The Fall of Rome—and Why We Should Take Notice
Yahweh & the Ancient Gods
Thyatira: The Pressure to "Tolerate"
Fresh Thoughts on Elders
The Spirit (7)
Abortion, Conception & the Beginning of Human Life
Gay Unions
Universities & their mottos
Why Christian Leaders Need to be Exceptionally Good Bible Students
Jesus—the Evidence
Counter-Cultural Christianity: A Biblical Whack Upside the Head (2 lessons)
The Protestant Reformation (7)
The Dead Sea Scrolls
Nietzsche: God is Dead, and other themes
Funeral Faux Pas
Why I Am Not a Protestant
Why I Am Not a Fundamentalist
Why I Am Not an Evangelical (or am I?)
The Crusades
The Inquisition
Triple Evolution
Who Are We? What we Christians prefer to call ourselves.
Control (3 podcasts)
The Communication Train (Christian Ray)
The Coronavirus: A Christian Response
Survivalism: Is it Christian?
End-of-Life Care (Dr. Penny Cox)
Creation Care I-III (Dr. Penny Cox and Malcolm Cox)
Mansfield Park: A Study in Humility (Jean Henderson)
Messianic Judaism (12 talks)
Divorce & Remarriage (5 talks)
What I've Learned from the Dead Sea Scrolls
Persecution & Martyrdom

Biblical Study (489; 847 studies in all)
A study of Amos (in 12 parts)
A study of Hebrews (in 12 parts)
A study of Psalms (18 lessons, by Douglas Jacoby and Rolan Monje)
A study of the Decalogue (10 lessons)
Old Testament character podcasts (65)
New Testament chapter studies (351)
General NT studies (2)
General OT studies (5)
New Testament character studies (67)
Famous Christian characters (2)
Christ Through the Ages (30)
Grace & Ungrace series (3)
The Prison Epistles (Phil, Col, Phm, Eph) (4)
Bible & Culture (3)
Romans A-Z (26)
Understanding the Apocalypse (5)
The KJV Bible
Proverbs: A Disciplined Life (31)
CLEAN: Purity, Cleansing, Leprosy, Exorcism, & Reanimation (32)
Tour through John (50), 1 Jan-19 Feb 2018
The Sermon on the Mount (40), 1 Jan-9 Feb 2020
Isaiah & the 8th Century BC Pandemic of Injustice (31), 1-31 Jan 2021
Forty Days with James (40), Jan/Feb 2022

Devotional talks (73)
Brother Lawrence (1)
The Imitation of Christ (32), 1-31 Jan 2019
The Sermon on the Mount (40)

Seasonal studies (14)
New Year's Day
Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Fathers' Day and Mothers' Day
The 4th of July
Labor Day and Labor Unions
Christmas thoughts
St. Nick: Historical Core of Seasonal Lore?
The 12 Terms of Christmas

How Will This Be? (Vicki Jacoby)
Mary, Chosen to be Jesus' Mother
Mary & Elizabeth
Mary & the Other Women
Mary: A Woman of Contemplation
Mary: An Example for All Time
Grief Recovery (Melanie Cicerchia) (3)

World Religions (14)
Hinduism & Buddhism
Israel: A Community of Radical Counter-Culture
Confucianism & Taoism
Islam A (Basics)
Islam B (Jihad)
Islam C, D, & E (hadith 1, 2, 3)
Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Shinto
Baha'i and 21st century Tolerance
Jehovah's Witnesses
Islam & Christianity (Azerbaijan lesson)

Spanish (9)
Más Allá de la Vida (2), by Arturo Elizarrarás Rosales
The 7 Churches of Revelation 2-3, Arturo Elizarrarás Rosales

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