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    January 28, 2016 - January 30, 2016
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    February 3, 2016
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Q&A 1381 – Singles Leading Ministries?

What does the Bible say about a single leading a ministry? As far as I've seen, there hasn't been any single officially hired to lead a... Read More

Q&A 1380 – The missing day of Joshua, or Misuse of the Bible in Christian Evidences

Is there astronomical evidence for the missing day of Joshua 10? I saw somewhere that there is, and once heard a preacher confirm... Read More

Q&A 1379 — How should we read the Great Commission (Matt 28)?

After his death and resurrection, Jesus gave the charge, the "Great Commission," to the eleven faithful apostles. Let's take a look at this... Read More

Q&A 1378 – Burial of waste and bacterial contamination

What is going on in the Law, where the Israelites are told to bury their waste? I've heard that God's main intention was to protect his... Read More

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Revelation 17 (the 7 “kings”)

Click below for chapter notes on Revelation, chapter... Read More

Holy Ghost Movie Exposé – Tim Wirth & Sandy Simpson 

A helpful critique of the current Zeitgeist and Weltgeist. Especially helpful: all the examples (video clips). Perhaps we don’t agree on... Read More

Alexander Campbell Documentary

This presentation (2:40:00), hosted By David Kenney, covers the life and influence of Alexander Campbell, probably the most influential... Read More

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Following is the 2010-2015 CURRENT EVENTS & ISSUES PODCAST LIST. On average, each week one new podcast will be recorded... Read More

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What a great writer. I love your style, broad mindedness, level-headedness & sensitivity to the more “simple-minded" believers (regular people) you encounter. It’s clear, from the Q&As at your site, that you have the gift of educating while spurring people to think for themselves. You are succinct, and help us to "connect the dots” without being overbearing. All this — and humor, too. I love it all.

— S.A.

Great writer