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Q&A 1342 — Response to The Gay Debate: The Bible & Homosexuality

I am reaching out to  a woman who has a gay brother. This man is in a committed relationship and is also a committed church member in a... Read More

Q&A 1341 – Can Christians Die From Starvation?

Matthew 6:25-34 seems to suggest that it would be impossible for a Christian to starve to death, yet church history seems to teach... Read More

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Christians and guns (at home), by Tom Jones

My friend Tom Jones has put up a short but powerful article at his website. It's about Christians and guns (at home). Click HERE to read... Read More

2015 BST: Berlin, Wittenberg, Zurich, Geneva

            Zurich, Switzerland BST, 24-31 October 2015 Theme Every Biblical Study Tour is designed to strengthen faith, build... Read More

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We  regard Douglas Jacoby as one of the bright lights in the field of apologetics in the twenty-first century. Heaven and Hell is an excellent, well-written book. We recommend it very highly.

- John Clayton (of Does God Exist?), on What’s the Truth About Heaven and Hell?

Heaven and Hell