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Q&A 1419 – Mutations really random?

When Calvinist scientists and theologians embrace evolutionary creationism, do they deny that random mutations are random? Maybe this is a... Read More

Q&A 1418 – Are singles the “pillars” of the church?

First, thanks for all the teaching you provide. Today I write with a concern. In my congregation we are sometimes told that singles are... Read More

Q&A 1417 – Concubinage

I am troubled by the concubinage element of polygamy. I have a difficult time understanding how David, a man whose only recorded sexual... Read More

Q&A 1416 – Religious Jewelry = Idolatry?

Greetings from New Delhi. I see many disciples wearing a cross made of gold around their neck as jewelry. Isn't this an act of idolatry? In... Read More

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Uncommon Memorial Day Thoughts

You will want to read Nikole Mitchell's uncommon Memorial Day thoughts -- recommended by Tom Jones. Click... Read More

New Parenting Resource

 We have a new parenting resource for you to share! That’s right! We have an... Read More

Honey I Shrunk the Church?

Honey I Shrunk the Church? May 5, 2016 John Porter   In my relatively short... Read More

The Structure of the Old Testament

Here are a lesson and notes on The Structure of the Old Testament (46 minutes). Download it from here. To download the podcast,... Read More

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Following is the 2010-2016 CURRENT EVENTS & ISSUES PODCAST LIST. On average, each week one new podcast will be recorded... Read More

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What a great writer. I love your style, broad mindedness, level-headedness & sensitivity to the more “simple-minded" believers (regular people) you encounter. It’s clear, from the Q&As at your site, that you have the gift of educating while spurring people to think for themselves. You are succinct, and help us to "connect the dots” without being overbearing. All this — and humor, too. I love it all.

— S.A.

Great writer