The Newsletter of IBTM
with Douglas Jacoby

A warm hello from Northwest England! With barely two weeks left in the year, I imagine things are getting very busy. We’re all the more grateful to you for taking the time to read over today’s bulletin:

  • A huge thank-you for your generous donations last week (esp. for Uganda and Nepal).
  • Photos from the British Museum
  • AIM Family Life (US) and Counselling & Psychology (UK)
  • A December Christmas reconsidered
  • “Forcing my prayer ‘agenda’ onto others?”
  • The Bible Project


In response to last week’s appeal, we’ve raised all the money we need for Bibles for Kajansi, Uganda (photos below). Further, we exceeded our $5000 goal for the HOPE school in Kathmandu, Nepal. Because of you, the kids will not only receive thermal underwear, hats, and many other essential items (chilly winter). Now, with anextra $2000, the school will also be able to employ a special ed teacher for an entire year.

Photos: John K. collecting Bibles at the Bible Society of Uganda. We connected through Fair Havens / One of the grateful recipients! Now all of the 40 persons John has baptized since 2018 own a Bible!

Thanks so much for your heart to give! (For anyone who would still like to make and end-of-year donation, please click here.)

After the Sunday service, I headed straight to one of my favorite London haunts, the British Museum. Below are only a handful of the amazing artifacts I saw.



British Museum, founded 1753 / Nabonidus Cylinder (confirms situation of Daniel 5) / Jericho Tomb, Middle Bronze Age / King Jehu of Israel does obeisance to Assyrian King Shalmaneser III / Cyrus Cylinder, 539 BC; the Persian king facilitated the return of Jews to Israel / Leathery Lindow Man, Britain, thrown into a peat bog 2000 years ago (human sacrifice?), now freeze-dried / Pharaoh of the Exodus (Ramesses III) / Slingstones from Lachish (701 BC), from golf-ball to tennis-ball size


This past weekend, down in the London area, we’ve just concluded a successful AIM UK / Ireland weekend. The session, on Counseling & Psychology, was highly interactive and enjoyed by all.

Coming up: AIM (US) Family Life, 13 Jan-17 Feb 2024. Look for the promotional video text week. Special holiday price: 50% off. For more, visit the Athens Institute online.


I’ve changed my mind about the date of Christmas. Not that this is a huge theological issue. But there is evidence for a December nativity, so here’s a rewritten and re-recorded Christmas audio talk.

To hear “The Man Who Came in from the Cold,” click HERE.


Q: Is it acceptable to pray with an "agenda"? I ask this because of something I experienced not too long ago. I was part of a group prayer. The event had an agenda — a healthy one. I am glad I was there, and grateful to the person who planned the meeting. However, two incidents bothered me, and I have been trying to work out how important they are.

A: The following thoughts are my answer to my own question, having reflected on the Lord’s words. Jesus said, "And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites…” KEEP READING [Guest Q&A, Malcolm Cox]

Q: What do you think of The Bible Project [many inquiries]?

A: One of the blessings of our technological age is quick access to information, including resources intended to enhance our knowledge of God's Word.

Much of the online material is good, yet unfortunately much of it is unsound, speculative, or downright unbiblical. However, The Bible Project… KEEP READING


Sorry, I must be in a deeply photographic mood—here are two more photos meaningful to me. The first is the Senate House, administrative center of the University of London. It’s where I held my first job in Europe (1982), working as a secretary making £100 a week. I was also a part-time theology student at Kings College London. Everything was streamlined for maximum involvement in church planting. The second is a shot from Central London. This was our campus ministry home for 7 years—so many great memories!

Sometimes it’s beneficial to dwell on the past—as long as we come back to the present. As for the future, please expect a guest article next week, “Are Church Covenants Biblical?”, plus a superb book recommendation to improve our Bible study. Vicki and I will also produce a special Christmas devotional.

Until then,

Your brother,