What do you think of The Bible Project [many inquiries]?

One of the blessings of our technological age is quick access to information, including resources intended to enhance our knowledge of God's Word. Much of the online material is good, yet unfortunately much of it is unsound, speculative, or downright unbiblical.

However, The Bible Project—which takes us through the Bible a book at a time, among other things—is not only sound, but also very well done. (Who doesn't like sketches, cartoons, and helpful graphics?) The teaching is biblically informed (the principal teacher, Tim Mackie, holds a PhD in Hebrew Bible). It's also easy to understand, even for those without college training. And the presentation is catchy but not kitschy.

That's why I recommend it highly. I even own an oversized (30 x 45 cm) hard copy of Read Scripture: Illustrated Summaries of Biblical Books (a wonderful gift from our daughter). If you aren't familiar with The Bible Project, check it out.