The Newsletter of IBTM 
with Douglas Jacoby
6 December 2023


Good evening!

It’s been a refreshing week. Snow, ice, hail, wind — we’re winter people. As is our dog Darcy! (Photo below: Looking across Morecambe Bay towards the snowy mountains of the Lake District). A true highlight of the week was teaching 25 students from the European School of Missions on the topic of Worldviews—a course I’ve frequently taught at RMSMT and Lincoln Christian University. Students hailed from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Czechia, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The four-month online course enhances evangelism and Christian evidences.

This weekend I’m in the London area, teaching Counseling & Psychology with colleagues Malcolm & Penny Cox and Andy Boakye. Although this is an in-person event, those who register may also join us online. Classes include: “The Use & Misuse of Scripture in Counseling,” “Do I Need Counseling?”, and “Boundaries: When to Say Yes, When to Say No.” Meanwhile, our new ministry, Fair Havens, is also gaining traction, as Vicki and I strive to offer hope and biblical perspective to those who feel adrift or disillusioned.

Our newsletter today spotlights some surprising information about the origins of Islam. Current financial needs are detailed. Last, we’re announcing a faith-building quiet time (audio) series for the 31 days of January.


I recently attended the closing banquet of the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. There were about 1000 of us looking for places to sit. I asked a group whether there was still space at their table, and they invited me to join them. I introduced myself to the gentleman beside me, and soon realized I’d seen him before—on YouTube. He is Jay Smith, a Christian apologist and debater who is extremely knowledgable about Islam.

I told Jay that I’m currently reading Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah, the official (8th century) biography of Muhammad, and that I’ve read the Qur’an four times as well as the 9-volume Hadith of Bukhari. Two of of his friends at the table were ex-Muslims (from Egypt and Pakistan), and another has been studying the oldest Qur’an in existence (c.750 AD), noting the numerous manuscript differences. Our conversation, not surprisingly, was largely about the validity (or otherwise) of Muslim claims. It was fascinating.

Jay suggested I watch a presentation he’d given in California not long ago. After our evening concluded, I did just that. It was stunning. I also shared the link with my world religions students at RMSMT. It's helpful to learn a little about the history and claims of Islam—given that Muslims constitute nearly one quarter of the world’s population, and their birthrate is far higher than that of us in the West, and we interact with Muslims more and more often. This presentation will bring you up to date on some very interesting developments.

Of course there’s been push-back. (If you have the inclination, read the response from True Islam.) The charges Smith brings, if true, are devastating. Droves have left Islam because of the findings of his research.

To watch this fascinating talk, undermining key historical Islamic claims, CLICK HERE.


Thank you so much for your faith in this ministry and your continued financial help. So much of what we do would be impossible without you. For many of us, the last couple of years have not been easy times economically. Which makes your support all the more appreciated.

If you are in a position to give, there are still a number of areas of outstanding need where you can make a difference. In 2023 alone IBTM has:

  • Provided free tours to 21 African teachers and spouses in Israel
  • Funded 5 teachers from Kuwait and the Philippines at the Global Smyrna Meeting (Izmir, Turkey).
  • Provided tuition for a several graduate students in Christian ministry (masters and PhD work)
  • Provided mentoring and counsel to dozens of teachers worldwide, both men and women, and paid for 3 teachers to travel and speak internationally.
  • 15 trips for on-site ministry in Moldova, Scotland, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Turkey, and the U.S. (Atlanta GA, Fayetteville NC, and Denver CO). Further, thanks to technology (Zoom), I’ve taught groups in the Philippines, France, Croatia, and the U.K.

To be more specific:

TEACHING (men and women teachers globally)
Total need: $130,000
Received in 2023: $86,234
Shortfall: $53,766

TRAINING (tuition, conference travel, mentoring)
Total need: $115,000 (full funding for IBTM-associated teachers)
Received in 2023: $63,504
Shortfall: $51,496

Total need: $20,000
Received in 2023: $14,068
Shortfall: $5,932
Special need: $750 for Bibles fo Kajansi, Uganda

Nations benefiting from these materials include China, the Czech Republic, D. R. Congo, Ghana, Greece, India, Ireland, the Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kenya, Kuwait, Moldova, Nigeria, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

From Nadine Templer (Kathmandu, Nepal): Thank you so much for initiating to fund-raise for winter clothes. Not every child needs a winter coat this year, since many can still use the ones your ministry provided last year. However, we have a need for thermals, sweaters, etc.

Here are the needs for the 100+ children:

Total need: $5000
Received: $1395. Outstanding: $3005
Detail: thermals: $1980; sweaters: $880; jackets: $464; hats & gloves: $440; shoes: $1200; transport costs: $36.

Teaching: $53,766
Training: $51,496
Teaching materials: $5932
Bibles: $750
Nepalese school: $3005

To give, please visit the Donation page. All donations (U.S.) are tax deductible. Thanks so much for your generosity already this year!


Do you have a plan for immersing yourself in God’s Word in the new year?

Every year since 2008 we’ve created a January daily devotional series. For 2024, Vicki and I are recording “On Location with Jesus." The complete series is available to all website members. Membership (annual) costs just $3/month. This also makes for a practical Christmas present! Please write to my assistant for more details (

Each day will bring us to a new site important in the life and ministry of Jesus. For example, the first few days we’ll “visit” Bethlehem, Egypt, and Nazareth. Maps and notes will accompany the audio series.


Thanks for your prayers as I head to London for the final trip of 2023. Next week:

  • A closer look at Christmas
  • An excellent book to help us get the most out of the Bible
  • Two Q&As (one on the Bible Project, another on whether we should pray with an “agenda”)

Au revoir