Em João 17 Jesus ora para que sejamos completamente unidos. Em nossa congregação aqui em Recife tem alguns líderes que tem tido um contato muito grande com a Igreja de Cristo 'tradicional.' Eles desejam que nós unirmos a eles, baseando-se na oração de Jesus em João 17. Quando eu li essa passagem hoje de manhã, vi que Jesus ora para que sejamos completamente unidos com Ele, para que todos possam conhecer-lo. Gostaria de saber: Qual é o real sentido que Jesus ora em João 17? Estamos pecando em não nos unirmos com a Igreja de Cristo 'Tradicional'? O que um Cristão deve preocupar-se mais? Em Mateus 28:18-20 ou em João 17?

We need to be focused on both Matthew 28 and John 17. Neither is "optional." I am sure you would agree. As for your bigger question, true unity is more than mere institutional unity. A church within one city may meet in many locations. They need not all meet together in one place. Often this is completely impractical! If you consider these persons as true Christians, then you should relate to them as fellow believers. But that does not necessarily mean you should merge or become a single congregation.

Once again, true unity is not institutional; it is relational. For unification to "work," you would need to have a mutual respect, a common purpose and mission, and an agreement to hold one another accountable. And that is precisely where most traditional churches let you down. Generally speaking, they have made peace with the world; they have given up the mission.

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