I wanted your recommendation on a title(s)/author(s) for an English-NT Greek Lexicon; and the more "user friendly," the better for me. What would you recommend? At the moment, I do not seek to learn New Testament Greek, but would really want to know what God's Word is saying (and not simply rely on English translations). I own a Greek Bible, and was inspired to look into getting a lexicon by a brother teaching our campus group. -- Vincent Subramaniam (Maryland)

Reply from Joey Harris, of Augusta, Georgia:

I would recommend The NIV Exhaustive Concordance, which would be easier and more appropriate for your intended purposes than would be a lexicon. If you wish to have fuller definitions, then a current revision of Vine's Expository Dictionary should suffice.

As far as I know, most of the true lexicons require that you know a bit of Greek even to look things up, and are not really intended for casual use by someone with little to no Greek knowledge.

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