I noticed your reply to the inquiry about the ISV [Q 0695] and I wondered if you have noticed that free HCSB software is now available at e-sword.net. They also include the ESV, ISV, and numerous other translations; as well as commentaries, etc. They even added an MS Word utility that allows you to access the program from within Word. Also, I don't know if you have seen this website, which provides analysis of the various English translations. I have been using the ESV for a while after I read the this article. I like comparing the ESV (formal equivalent) with the GW (functional equivalent) on the e-sword software program. For a single translation that incorporates the best of both worlds, I would agree that the HCSB is one of the best options. -- John Lang (Indianapolis)

I love it when readers recommend good websites, books, software, and especially new Bible translations. I am sure many will benefit from these recommendations. No, I had not noticed that the free HCSB was available at the website you mentioned. Now I know.