This is a list (possibly incomplete) of pagan sources cited or alluded to in the N.T. books. The list omits references to other New Testament books. These works are "extrabiblical" -- outside (extra, Latin) the Bible.

Euripides—Acts 17:24, Acts 17:25
Epimenides of Soli—Acts 17:28a
Aratus the Cilician (Phaenomena 5, cp. Cleanthes frag. 537—Acts 17:28b
Thucydides (II 97, 4)—Acts 20:35
Euripides (Bacchae 794)—Acts 26:14
Julianus (Or. 8, 246b)—Acts 26:14
Menander (Thais)—1 Cor 15:33
Epimenides of Knossos (De Oraculis / Peri Chresmon)—Titus 1:12
Heraclitus (?)—2 Pet 2:22
The Assumption of Moses—Jude 9
1 Enoch—Jude 14-15
Unknown—1 Cor 9:10; 4:6; Eph 5:14; 1 Tim 5:18; Jas 4:5
+ 100s of OT citations / allusions

In addition, there are scores of allusions to the Old Testament Apocrypha in the New Testament, although no direct quotations. (See entry "The Apocrypha: Second Thoughts.")

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