Don't be LAZY! You need to read the bible deeply to build your faith.

1. Don't dig at random; have a plan.
2. Assemble lists of verses on common themes.
3. Finish the whole bible.
4. Do some memory work.
5. Consider every reading recommendation - e.g. Sam Laing, Be Still, My Soul.
6. Do excellently in church classes
7. Share what you have learned.

1. Vary translations.
2. Listen to the Bible on audio.
3. Pray through the books of the Bible.
4. Re-read the Old Testament.
5. Pore over Steve Kinnard's Getting the Most from the Bible.
6. Digest Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth.
7. Go away and spend time in solitude and meditation on the Word.

1. Go through the Bible annually.
2. Study the Bible in another language. Enroll in a NT Greek course in a university.
3. Tackle Haddon Robinson, Biblical Preaching. (Read other titles in the AIM bibliography.)
4. Examine the Apocrypha (increases conviction about inspiration of the authentic scriptures).
5. Peruse the Patristics (brings NT into sharp historical and theological relief)
6. Study the Qur'an (builds the conviction that the Bible alone is God's Word).
7. Put together a lesson on why you believe the Bible is God's Word, and teach it to others.