This is the final international teaching ministry bulletin of the year. The Jan-Feb 2005 bulletin will be sent out in six weeks. Happy Holidays to all!

I. AIM Developments

The Athens Institute of Ministry will resume in January, with O.T. Survey and Interpretation. Sherwin Mackintosh will also join us for a session on Worship and Music. We are now pursuing the opening of West Coast AIM , with sessions to be held in Los Angeles starting in spring 2005. Full details will be available at the website in a few weeks' time.

II. Biblical Manuscripts Weekend

In May a special manuscripts weekend will be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, site of the largest Papyrus collection in the western hemisphere! In additional to viewing the biblical manuscripts'some of which go back to the 100s'there will also be several powerpoint presentations and lessons on how the Bible came together. While a good number are expected to attend from the midwest churches, others are also welcome. For more details, see Cost: $40.

III. Teaching trips

Teaching trips in these last two months included Rome , London , Fayetteville NC , and Osaka . As always, it is a pleasure and an honor to see Christians around the world striving to go forward in faith. In January I will visit Accra, Ghana, "thanks to all of you whose contributions have made this trip possible!" as well as Hong Kong, Manila, Atlanta, and of course Athens, Georgia. Please say a prayer for me when you can, that my teaching will edify, inspire, and truly serve to root Christians in the word.

IV. New teaching materials

In 2005 I will be recording several new audio teaching series: Psalms, The Pastoral Epistles, and New Testament Survey. N.T. Survey, the first of the new series, is slated to be released in March. In addition, my wife Vicki will record a series from Ruth early in the new year. Besides teaching series, a number of individual messages will also be available at the website sometime in January.

V. 2005 Biblical Study Tour: ATHENS , Greece!

The city for our next Biblical Study Tour has been chosen: Athens ! Full details of the 2005 BST are viewable at the website at In additional, the schedule for the 11th annual ITS has also been posted.

Finally, in keeping with the season, I am re-presenting my 1986 article on the origins off Christmas. Until February, God bless.'D.J. click on Article, under What's New?