For many years I have been contemplating the special-ness of our movement in the area of the heart. When I came to our movement I found very special relational aspect of true Christianity. I have called it the “heart” ever since I was studied with in Milwaukee. What I experienced was different than I had experienced in any religious group before. It was, in fact, the difference between being a person who knew about God and had some association with him, and being a person who truly knows God through a true personal relationship with him.

The things our movement has gone through the last 2 years has caused me to search the Scriptures to better understand that which I have been calling “heart”. In the last few months I have come to understand that the “heart” is what is involved in the OT concept of yada', the Hebrew word for “know.” In this article I will attempt to explain that concept, a concept that I think distinguishes us from nearly all other movements of today that I am aware of, a concept that I would urge everyone to hold on to and never surrender, a concept when experienced is basically the watershed of spiritual life and death.

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