Through the years, the BIBLICAL STUDY TOUR has focused on a number of remarkable cities: London, Jerusalem, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Chicago, Rome. In 2004 over 150 persons converged on Rome--the majority of whom also enjoyed an additional excursion to Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii. The fellowship was genuine and heartfelt; the teaching and worship was substantial and heartwarming; and the pages of the Bible came to life -- and light -- as we walked where ancient brothers and sisters walked. In 2005 we return to Athens (site of the 2002 International Teachers' Seminar and the 2004 Olympics). You are in for a treat!

Athens, the capital of Greece, is named after goddess Athena, goddess of wisdom and knowledge. It was in this city that democracy was born some 2500 years ago. Athens is where the marvel of architecture, the Parthenon, was constructed. And Athens is where art became an inseparable part of life and philosophy became a way of thinking, having a great impact even on contemporary culture.

Athens is a symbol of art, freedom, and democracy in the conscience of the civilized world. As it is a city built in history, through visits to its museums you will experience Athens, and come under its spell as you pass through the centuries.

Being a modern city today, Athens is vivid and lively, always on the go, modern but romantic, with busy streets and squares, alluring shop windows, and small alleys in quiet, peaceful neighbourhoods, all of which show peaceful coexistence between old and new.

From November 4-8, a group of Christians from Europe, North America, Asia, and other continents will descend on the historic city of Athens. Athens -- where Paul established the church after speaking on Mars Hill in 50 AD. The Acropolis -- just a couple hundred meters from our hotel! -- is only one of many amazing sights you will see as we explore this old Athens. We will stroll through the ancient Agora, or marketplace, visit Greek temples, and of course partake of the famous Greek cuisine. We'll even make a side-trip to Corinth. Advance reading for this tour: Acts 17-18 and 1-2 Corinthians!

Historical Sites:

* Ancient Athens on foot (Areopagus, Acropolis, Agora)

* Ancient Athens, continued (Necropolis, museums, Olympic Stadium

* Corinth

* Athens by night and closing banquet

Special Classes and Lectures:

Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, and Tuesday morning program. Extra (optional) session Monday afternoon. Speakers to be announced.

11th International Teachers' Seminar, 2-4 November 2005

Immediately before the Roman Biblical Study Tour will be the 11th annual International Teachers' Seminar. This will take place in Athens, and participants will stay in the same hotel we are using for the B.S.T. Some 300 persons have attended this event through the years.

This more academic seminar is intended for those serving in a teaching capacity in their local congregations. Although I.T.S. participants will meet for 48 hours before the B.S.T., afterwards they will remain with the larger group and visit sights with other tour participants. Schedule of speakers and topics forthcoming.

Criteria for participation:

' The ITS is intended for those with significant teaching and preaching responsibilities in their churches.
' As a rule of thumb, ITS participants should be speaking (classes or sermons) in their congregations at least 20 times a year. There may be some exceptions to this rule of thumb.
' If you are in the ITS, your spouse is free to join you, even if he/she is not serving in a teaching capacity.
' The cost for participation in the I.T.S., including hotel and meals, is '250.

Cost and Accommodations:

Total price: 700E (As this is a European conference, monetary transactions are in euros. At the printing of this brochure, 1E = US$1.35.)

Includes: 4 nights at the Divani Palace Acropolis Hotel.

Double occupancy. Single rooms are available for a supplement -- please inquire. All meals are included (breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from dinner on Friday the 4th to breakfast on Tuesday the 8th), as well as all local transport (coaches around Athens), admissions to sites, administration fees, a special gift, and more...


Payment for last year's trip to Rome was required 15 June, and we will keep to the same due date for payment for the Athens B.S.T. The tour price is 700E'same as last year! Please send the US dollar equivalent of this amount. This payment is due 15 June 2005, but there's a nice DISCOUNT for early payment, and additional charges for late payment. The price is graduated depending on when you pay.

Registration and deposit of 150E due 15 June 2005.

Complete payment received by:

15 Feb --- 15 Apr --- 15 Jun --- 15 Jul --- 15 Aug ---15 Sep --- 15 Oct

650E -------675E ------ 700E ----- 725E ----- 750E----- 775E----- 800E

Deposits are non-refundable. Sorry, no refunds will be made after October 4th.

In the event you need to cancel, although the deposit will not be refunded, you will receive back part (or all) of the balance, depending on when you cancel. If you cancel by 15 June, the loss will be the deposit only. If by 30 June, the loss will be deposit and 10% of balance. Here is the refund table:

15 Jun--- 30 Jun --- 15 Jul --- 31 Jul ---15 Aug --- 31 Aug --- 15 Sep ---3 Oct --- 4 Oct+

100% ------90% ----- 85% ----- 80% ------ 75% ------ 70% ------- 65% ----- 50% -----0%


To register you must make a deposit of the US dollar equivalent of 150E. Registration is considered official only on receipt of deposit.

If you are outside the US, and cannot register at the website, you will need to pay by wire. Add US$15 or 12E to the wire amount to cover fees on our end. Wire payment (details removed).

Note: Price does NOT include airfare to and from Athens. If you would like to be met at the airport and transported to the hotel, this can be arranged at an additional cost.

Optional excursion:


For those interested, we will visit historic Delphi (see description below), on the day following the B.S.T. (Tuesday 8 November). (This will entail an extra night at the hotel, the 8th -- you would be checking out on the 9th.) The cost, excluding hotel in Athens, is 100E, and includes lunch and transportation. We'll leave at 8:00 am and return to Athens at 6:00 pm.

Delphi is considered one of the most important archaeological sites of classical Greece. The 3-hour coach ride passes colorful cliffs en route to the mountain village of Delphi, from which participants have a spectacular view of the olive groves in the valley below as they look out toward the sea. According to mythology, it was here in Delphi that Zeus released two eagles, one from the east and the other from the west. At the point where they met he threw a sacred stone, thus marking the center of the earth, or 'the Navel of the World.'

Today the excavations at this site have revealed the impressive Sanctuary of Apollo, dating back to the 5th century B.C., with its numerous temple ruins, treasuries and monument foundations. The center of the sanctuary is dominated by a Doric temple dedicated to Apollo, the god of spirit and music. It was to this temple that ancient Greeks came to consult with one of the most important oracles of all antiquity -- the famous Oracle of Delphi. Our walk to the Temple of Apollo will follow the Sacred Way, a zigzagging path past the reconstructed treasury of the Athenians and the foundations of statues which once lined the entire route. Just above the temple is the well-preserved Theater, built in the 4th-century BC. and restored during the Roman period. We will climb even further and see the ruins of the Stadium where 7000 spectators used to watch the ancient Pythian games. Following the visit to the excavations, we will visit the Delphi Museum, where many the fine objects discovered in or near Delphi are on display.