Proverbs 1 (15 minutes) - please listen below by clicking on arrow or download it to listen later by right-clicking here.

Some salient points:

  • Purpose of Proverbs: to help us to get control of our lives, to live wisely for God.
  • In Proverbs, an older person (parent, teacher, friend) gives counsel to a younger person (son, daughter, pupil)
  • We must choose wisely whom we associate with.
  • The undisciplined hope to get something for free--to gain wealth without having to work for it.
  • There are victimizers and victims, but even the victimizers are victims; sin is reflexive.
  • Wisdom (a feminine noun in both Hebrew and Greek) calls out, and we should listen to her.
  • God is generous, and will bring us into his confidence if we respond to the voice of wisdom.
  • If we do not respond, there will be no one to blame but ourselves.
  • Fearing the Lord is a choice!
  • There is no room for complacency. We must take our walk with the Lord seriously!

Challenge of the day:

  • Don't be complacent. Listen to God's wisdom!
  • Discern this voice. It may come in counsel, conscience, a class or sermon.

A note about translations:

  • The first translation, before we highlight some key points, is the NIV (1978--O.T.)
  • The second translation, before the prayer, is the ESV (2001). (The NIV is the most popular English version in the world. The ESV is more accurate, lying midway between the stricter versions like the NASB and the more informal versions like the NIV.)

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