We are excited to introduce you to  TheHistoricFaith.com . The Historic Faith is the result of a partnership between Sattler College and Scroll Publishing. This project seeks to promote the precepts of the historic Christian faith through online courses that will strengthen your love-faith relationship with Jesus and His kingdom.

Every nation prioritizes teaching its children the history of their people. Why do they do this? The story of who we are and where we came from is an essential component of identity. As we all strive to understand how Christians should relate to the most important issues of our day there is an incredible opportunity to be unified by our common spiritual ancestors. By studying the first Christians, we can learn how they navigated their diverse world and impacted humanity.

Initially, TheHistoricFaith.com is launching with six courses and we plan to regularly expand our content library. In a distraction-filled world, stay engaged with learning methods that keep you motivated by earning badges, points, levels, and certificates of completion. To get started visit  TheHistoricFaith.com , enroll in your free introductory course, and explore the course catalog.

Thank you,

The Historic Faith Team