28 June 2023
IBTM Newsletter

Good evening, friends!

Our AIM UK-Ireland weekend in London (Old Testament Interpretation) was a blast, with participants from England, Ireland, Scotland, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Sunday I preached in Watford (just north of London), and was very excited about the material. Even though I’ve taught on Ruth and Boaz before—the church is in the middle of a series on biblical couples—this time the stark contrast between Ruth and the (generally faithless) men of Israel really struck me. Let me explain why...

Next week I’ll share the link to the original sermon (“Ruth & Boaz”) along with a message based on that sermon, “Ruth Reconsidered.” For today, offerings include Conversation 5, “The Matthew 28 Lens” and a brief meditation on The Hollow Shell.

AIM UK-Ireland
This past weekend we enjoyed Session VI of the Athens Institute / United Kingdom & Ireland. It’s always an honor (and honour) to teach alongside Malcolm and Andy. The program is open to everyone, regardless of gender or age in Christ—staff and non-staff alike. (Though we believe it’s of double benefit to those who teach, counsel, preach, write, or lead.)

For responses to the Old Testament Interpretation session, please click here. If you’d like to join our next session (16 September), or simply want more information, click here. We would love you to become an AIM student, especially if you live in the British Isles or continental Europe.

Photos: Brilliant Andy Boakye in action, AIM UK-I; Malcolm Cox connecting with online students

The Matthew 28 Lens

Our fifth conversation, on how an over-emphasis on evangelism skews theology and affects our lives in Christ, is now ready. For this (or any previous) conversation, please click here. Thank you for your feedback. Although it isn’t easy talking about these subjects, it is necessary, and we will continue to air them and do our best to speak honestly and fairly.

Meditation on an Aeroplane Fuselage

On Sunday I took a quick peek out the airplane window. I saw (most of) the rusty fuselage of an airplane (or aeroplane—this is Britain!). There are wrecked planes and sections of planes on airport properties worldwide, though not so often in western nations. They are here too, but usually we cover them up better, or keep them in hangars.

I immediately thought of spiritual life. Everyone has a fuselage. Some, however, are missing their wings, or even their engines. And sometimes the shell appears to be empty, hollowed out with discouragement or skepticism or even plain fatigue.

May this never be the case with you and me! And even if it is, let’s remember his goodness and blessings in our lives (2 Pet 1:9; Heb 10:32), and return to him. Let’s stay close to the Lord, filled with his energy and grace, soaring on wings like eagles. In the words of Isaiah:

Those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint. (Isaiah 40:31).

Until next week…

Next week, besides the message on Ruth, you can expect an amazing poetic meditation on the Last Supper. Until then…

Yours in Christ,