A very stimulating, captivating Bible-based teaching day! — a young brother, England

I found the most recent class on OTI hosted by AIM U.K./Ireland to be invigorating. Douglas, Andy and Malcolm delivered exceptional, world class material, elevating my joy in learning the Old Testament through better appreciating the genres. — a church leader, Ireland

We now better realise that we need to look at Old Testament scriptures not with our 21st-century, western mindset, but with the eyes and ears of those who lived at the time. — a mature brother, Scotland

I love benefiting from the wisdom of those who love God and his Word, and I’m truly grateful for this ministry. — a church leader, Turkey

I had a great day at the AIM Old Testament Interpretation course, catching up with old friends and being inspired by a wealth of teaching on how to approach the various O.T. books. This was very thought-provoking, and I look forward to deepening my learning through the AIM assignments. — a mature sister, England

This was really helpful for me. Although I love the OT and have been personally studying through it recently, the insights and accessible analysis of Douglas, Malcolm and Andy gave me some fresh things to think about, strengthened my confidence in the texts, and helped me look at difficult passages with new and well-explained perspectives reasons. A refreshing and engaging session. — Our videographer, England