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*Editor’s Note: “The Historical Evidence for the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus” was originally released in 2019 and we’re bringing it back to everyone’s attention at an opportune moment. Well received when first published, it’s especially timely at Easter and although it’s part 3 in its original series, it stands alone as well worth the reading.  

The historicity of Jesus and the major events of his life have been corroborated by ancient historians, even those who were non-Christian (click here for part 1). We also know that the two major leaders who authorized Jesus’ death—Caiaphas and Pilate—were real people, and that they lived in the exact place and time Scripture says and had the exact role the Bible describes (click here for part 2). No respected historian or scholar disputes these facts.

Yet in Scripture, they are secondary truths.

The most important questions focus on whether Jesus actually died, was buried in a tomb, and rose from the dead.

Scripture states that these are three vital elements at the heart of something called “the gospel.” The word gospel simply means “the good news.”

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