One of the most challenging family matters is the difficult child. Parents spend sleepless night worrying about the child who is difficult and often find no answers in spite of the 55,000 books on parenting. My mentor, Howard Glasser, was himself a difficult child. His approach is amazingly powerful and extremely simple. Howard has successfully assisted thousands of parents and teachers in the world by turning each child from behavior problems, emotional turmoil, ADHD, and criminal activity to wonderful success and happiness.

Since the opening of a A FAMILY MATTER on March 15, 2005, I have seen thirty families with a difficult child. Some of the children are in trouble with the law; some have emotional challenges; and all have behavior problems. The shifts from the negative to the positive have been miraculous. Of the thirty children, we have seen ten successful outcomes, six with success in a short period of time, seven in process with great progress, one referred to a psychiatrist for further evaluation, and six new children. All praise goes to God for being a God of transformation.

The following are some personal testimonies from parents who have use THE NURTURED HEART APPROACH:

  • "This is absolutely the most worthwhile information I have ever learned. My hyperactive child is now my amazing child."
  • "My child was diagnosed with ADHD. I thought it was a death sentence. We couldn't go an hour without an argument or some horrendous incident. Now I know peace and pleasure for the first time in many years."
  • "We had lost hope. This approach has saved our family. We were spinning our wheels. Everything we tried in the past was making the problems worse. Now our intense child is intensely wonderful....without medications."

I am now accepting phone consultations for families in distress that need counseling via phone. If you know a family with a difficult child, they may contact me for an appointment.

Kent Brand