In our third podcast (21 minutes), we will tackle Romans 1:18-32.
For more background on this passage, listen to the Fall of Rome podcast.
This lesson refers to many biblical passages, such as Psalm 7:11 and Jeremiah 2:19. It also references Pseudo-Lucian, Affairs of the Heart 20, c.300 AD: "In the beginning... human life... obeyed the laws made by nature; and men, linking themselves to women... became fathers of children. But gradually the passing years degenerated from such nobility to the lowest depths of hedonism... The same sex entered the same bed. Though they saw themselves embracing each other, they were ashamed neither at what they did nor at what they had done to them. And sowing their seed on barren rocks, to quote the proverb, they bought a little pleasure at the cost of great disgrace."

Suggested for memory: "... they are without excuse" (Romans 1:20).