Dear Dr. J, I just found, and listened to your podcast. I enjoyed listening to it. Thank you! 
Here is a challenging question for you: Can you be both a Bahai and Christian at the same time? I believe the Bahai Faith is not so broad as you make it out to be. As a Bahai I have to follow a narrow path too. By this I mean - I have to believe that Baha'u'llah is the latest Manifestation of God and then I must worship God by serving humanity (which I do -so I am a Bahai). It also means that I have to believe in Jesus Christ too. Therefore, I am still a Christian. No one can tell me that I do not love Jesus and that I am not "saved". Only God can do this. As a Bahai , I know there are many differences between the world religions, but I also know that they are all part of God's plan. In closing, I would have to agree with when you say: you wish the Bahá’ís were right, but "in life wishing for something doesn't necessarily make it so". Those that want to know, and truly pray to know, if Baha'u'llah is the Promised One of all religions, will find the truth. 
Oh, another challenging question: Why does history have to repeat itself when it comes to accepting the next Manifestation of God? (i.e.: Many didn't accept Moses and become Jewish. Many Jews are still awaiting the Messiah and haven't recognised Christ and most Christians (not this one are still awaiting Christ's return.)
Of course I agree that Baha’ís have a definite position; an exclusive claim is being made. But I must halt well before the time of Baha’u’llah.  The Old Testament foretells the coming of the final Messiah — the Lord himself, God incarnate, making a visit to our planet, living among us and giving his life for us.
The New Testament warns against listening to any future claimants. Galatians 1:6-9, Jude 3, and other passages confirm this position. Muhammad, or his followers, tortuously argued that HE was the fulfillment of the promise in John 14 — that after Jesus’ ascension the Holy Spirit would be among us! That will not work. Last, I suppose that Christians’ centuries of hypocrisy, especially since the 4th century, make the claim of Baha’ís sound quite reasonable.
Yours most sincerely,  DJ
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