What do you think of this article in New Scientist? My father-in-law is mocking the Bible because of its stance on homosexuality; he claims people are gay because of their biology. -- C.G.

I have two thoughts: 

1. "Gay brains" (per the article -- not that anyone is born "gay") are rewired as a result of repetitive behavior and thought patterns… In fact, all our brains get rewired as we get set into certain patterns. Neural pathways develop. That is how God made us. Habit thus becomes more and more deeply engrained.

Everyone's brain looks different, depending on our neurophysiology. Yet a scan simply pictures what is there. It doesn't tell us how it got that way or whether this is right or not. For example, a serial killer's brain looks different from yours and mine. (Hopefully!) But surely that doesn't mean it's not so bad for him to take a few lives!

2. Even if someone were predisposed in another way (not necessarily homosexually -- perhaps through temptations to gluttony, impulsiveness, or alcoholism) -- that wouldn't justify the person giving in to their proclivities. We are still called to master our desires and develop discipline.

In other words, even if I was born with a tendency to be hot-blooded, or to succumb to chemical addictions, so what? The fact helps us to understand the person -- since there are mitigating factors -- but still we must take full responsibility for our own behavior. No one is "forced" to give in to his or her stronger temptations.

Does this help?