It says in Acts 17:11 that the Bereans examined the scriptures daily. Now back then there weren't any personal Bibles like today. I understand that communities had copies of scripture, so would this passage be referring to the leaders of that particular synagogue or all (literally) Bereans? Just curious... I wonder if the passage does not mean literally every day... Not trying to diminish daily study, just wrestling with the scriptures! -- Jason R.

Right!  imagine a group of men sitting round, the elders leading the conversation, as all pored over the synagogue's copy of the scriptures... Probably it means every day... But for how many days? And thereafter? (I hope.)

Further, it seems there has been a mistranslation. The verb often rendered "examined" refers to their examining Paul, not the scriptures. This is how the word is consistently used in the ancient Greek.


If we are seeking a passage on daily study, Deuteronomy 17 is a better passage. But even then, it applies directly to the king and the Torah. The biblical emphasis is on everybody meditating on the word. Joshua 1:8 captures this thought well. Psalm 1 illustrates it poetically.

Keep wrestling!