Do you think disciples should let the abortion issue rule who they should vote for in the election? -- several questioners.

No. There are so many issues! Both main parties in the U.S. are in error in numerous areas.  One could argue either way... Christians vote D, R, I, or even abstain on principle. Jesus, remember, was completely apolitical! 

Your highest allegiance is to Christ, not the government. He is our first "pledge."

As for abortion, or any other serious issue, even if a candidate holds to a certain position, that does not mean his preference will be enacted into law. It is more complicated than that! Moreover, the Bible calls us to support political leaders (Romans 13, 1 Timothy 2, 1 Peter 2), without reference to their personal views. (Further, if I am reading the scriptures correctly, we are not to slander them -- a sin of which many Christians are guilty.)