A couple years ago I had a dream about an enormous archive with tall rows of books, and one book standing out in particular. It was a very large book with the names of many people who had passed away. Oddly enough, you, Dr. Jacoby, were in my dream and I was upset with you because you knew about this book yet had said nothing. Apparently, this giant and rather important text was called The Book of Confusion. Have you ever heard of such a book and, if so, what is this book's importance to the spiritual realm? I know that this question may seem very peculiar, but the dream I experienced was so vivid and seemingly profound that I just had to ask you about it. This may all be the byproduct of an over active R.E.M. cycle, but I felt that my inquiry was worth your attention.

Interesting. No, I do not think this has any basis in reality. (If I ever believe there is a truth I must share with others, I hope I will not hold back.)

And yet it is not uncommon for us sometimes to have very vivid dreams. These are projections of our inner consciousness. They tell us nothing about reality, though they do give insight into the dreamer himself! See, for example, the column "The Skeptic" in the September 2008 issue of Scientific American, which speaks to your question.