Why didn’t Adam and Eve realize they were naked until only after Adam tasted of the fruit? And if this is the case, does this suggest that man was considered fallen only after Adam ate of the fruit? Is this somehow connected to the mystery of marriage in that the two become one and so the fall wasn’t "complete" until the husband ate of it, even though Eve had already disobeyed God, thus supporting the idea that it was through Adam that death came (Romans 5:12-14)? -- Edward

Not sure. Interesting thought -- that both had to lapse before the fall was complete. Maybe there's something to this.

I think the point is that they were now ashamed of their sin and aware of the rupture in their relationship with the Lord. They now wanted to "cover up."

Yes, the Fall--the rebellion against the Creator and a concomitant fall from grace--came only with the actual act of disobedience. As for the connection with marriage, this certainly seems possible, but it feels like a stretch to me.