Though I found the idea quite amusing, I was curious as to any input you might have on refuting the notion that Jesus was not truly the Christ, but only another "sun god" made up by man. I believe you will laugh at it as well, but a bunch of kids we know now believe this, and we would like some "ammunition" to refute such thoughts. -- Greg

Malachi 4 does in fact compare the Messiah to the sun. Yet Genesis 1 makes it clear that the sun is part of the created world... It is neither divine nor to be worshipped. In other words, the Malachi passage is only an analogy.

In fact, the early Jews and Christians would never go for worshipping a celestial body! It is true, however, that the Roman Sol Invictus ("invincible / unconquered sun") was later equated with Christ, at a time when paganism began to leak into the church. But this was a long time after the N.T.! (For more on this, click here.)

Some aspects of the lives of a few pagan false gods and goddesses occasionally parallel Jesus Christ, or vaguely resemble him. But that is exactly what we should expect: the counterfeit imitates the authentic.