Were the founders of the US sinful in creating a rebellion against authority (this would seem to go against Romans 13)? Should we as American Christians be proud of the founders and the war that created this country? -- Anonymous

Great question! In light of Romans 13, it is hard, if not impossible, to justify the revolution. Very, very few Americans, or citizens of any nation that fought for its liberty, have thought this issue through theologically--with the Bible in hand and a willingness to consider the words of Jesus about our enemies.

I know this doesn't sound very patriotic... but you are certainly on to something, and I encourage you to pursue it! I think we can be proud of some aspects of our country, while rejecting the more ignominious facets. I may not accept the average person's political and historical views, but that does not necessarily make me unpatriotic. Today I was at Atlanta's airport. With every returning serviceman, there was heartfelt applause as he entered the main terminal. I too am grateful for our freedoms. The fact that I think it is morally wrong to kill our enemies doesn't necessarily mean I am not thankful for America. Or that I am unwilling to obey the government. Provided, of course, I am not asked to do anything against scripture or conscience (Daniel 6). Ah--there's the rub.