I was wondering if you had any recommendations on primary source literature relating to early church history. I have read bits and pieces of Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History, and that seems to have a bit of legend mixed in with biblical truth. What are some primary source books/letters that you would recommend that contain more truth than legend? -- Eric Morris (Maryland)

For starters, you might want to search this website. There is a lot here. As for Eusebius, one rarely comes any closer than that, especially considering how comprehensive his writing his. I think he qualifies as someone whose writings contain far more history than legend. Keep reading!

You could also read the Ante-Nicene Fathers--everything written by Christians (and some even by heretics) from the beginning to 325 AD.

If you want to find these early writings in a very readable format, purchase some of the works of David Berçot. (See www.Scrollpubishing.com.) But you will have to do the work. (Otherwise you'll be dependent on the conclusions of someone else who has done the work!)

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