My question is about the scripture that teaches that a believing spouse sanctifies her non-believing husband. I don't understand this scripture. -- César Herrera

Mi pregunta es acerca de la escritura que señala que una esposa creyente santifica a su esposo no creyente. No entiendo esta escritura. -- César Herrera

I think Paul's point in 1 Corinthaians 7:14 is that these children are legitimate--they are not bastards. The marriage--and any children--are acceptable in God's eyes, even though the person is married to a non-Christian.

Another interpretation: Holy means they are set apart for salvation; they have an opportunity to be saved. Not that they are saved already. Don't give up on the marriage, he is saying, since it might lead to the spouse and children becoming Christians.

Either way, Paul is certainly not saying that one is automatically saved by being married to, or the child of, a Christian! Personal faith is the basis of salvation; without it baptism does nothing (Galatians 3:26-37; Colossians 2:12).

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