I heard a lesson from a scientific, historical point of view about the way things were before the fall of Adam and Eve. The speaker taught that vegetation was incredible, and everything was enormous because of the large amounts of vegetation and nutrients in the earth. This also validated the size of the dinosaurs. The wingspan of a dragonfly was over three feet long, etc. But because of the sin of Adam and Eve, the soil lost a lot of the nutrients and was no longer growing food on its own; one had to work the ground. Vegetation declined. And therefore the animals and other living creatures born after this were not as healthy and large. Does this make sense to you, and do you agree with it? -- Jennifer Price (Dallas)

I am familiar with this teaching, though I do not believe it is scientifically or biblically sound. It is speculative, and I am not aware of any scriptures that prove the speakers' points. Please take a look at my book, Genesis, Science and History (DPI, 2004) for a fuller response.

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