I am a member of an Indonesian church, and my wife, a Mongolian, is an unbeliever. I have been talking to her about God, but she still cannot accept the existence of God. She does believe in the church and in morality, but not in God. How can I make her believe? -- Pierre

In short, you cannot make her believe. She will need to come to her own faith. Like the wife married to the unbeliever in 1 Peter 3, you can certainly win her over by your life and your love for her. In time, I believe she will embrace the teaching of Christ, if she sees it modeled in your own life. I would continue to share the scriptures with your wife, knowing that they will bring faith (Romans 10:17); they will have an effect (Isaiah 55:11). You might also share an evidences book with her--my book Compelling--although I doubt that intellectual questions alone are hindering her from believing. Show her Jesus in your life (2 Corinthians 2:14-16) and she will be affected. Spiritual things will become real to her when they are real to you, and in time belief in God will be natural.

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