I was recently involved in a conversation about hermaphrodites. I was stumped by a very tough question. Since a hermaphrodite is born with male and female sexual organs, he/she is not a male or a female, but in between. Suppose the doctors operate, in effect, to select the sex as male. If that person has lived a long time as a man, but deep inside has always felt like a woman, was attracted to men, and started to date men, would he be considered homosexual? How would God judge the hermaphrodite? It was a tough question, one that never has been asked to me. -- Gabriel Guzman

Tough question, indeed. I am glad that God is the judge, and not I!

We surely feel bad for the confusion someone in this position must be feeling, but 1 Corinthians 10:13 gives hope. If we seek the Lord, he will not let us be put into impossible situations, ones in which our only recourse is to sin. God is faithful--even in the most confusing of circumstances. Making decisions from a good conscience and a sincere faith, especially in the face of ambiguity, is not always easy. But I believe God will honor those decisions, especially when they are biblically informed.

If any of my readers has an answer to this difficult question, or a suitable reading recommendation, I would like to receive it.

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