In Judges 19:22-28, I don't understand why they would offer the women instead of just ignoring those guys or leaving? In Judges 21:10-11, I wonder, Did the women and children have to die? I have read other passages as well that say put everyone to death and it seems like only one person had committed the sin? --Veronica

Well, the Bible tells it "like it is" -- or "like it was." Not always pretty! But recording it in the scriptures is not the same thing as approving of it. That is an important point to keep in mind. Seems like in Judges 19 leaving was not an option. Seems also like these fellows valued the lives of women less than the lives of men--even though the Bible makes clear from the outset that this is not right (Genesis 1:26-27; see Galatians 3:29). Last, in ancient times it was customary (despite Ezekiel 18) to put whole families to death when the principal guilty party was the father.

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