• Joseph was a great husband, protecting and trusting his wife, who technically could have been executed for promiscuity while still living in her father’s household (Deut 22:21).
  • No evidence that the Jews practiced execution, apart from cases of murder and false prophecy. Monetary commutation was the rule.
  • However, in the first century, “any cause” divorce was the norm.
  • Isaiah 7 – original and secondary fulfillment—“dual prophecy." 
  • Translation: parthénos (virgin) and ‘almah (young woman)
  • ‘immānû-’ēl = with-us-god
  • God the Son came to our world in body and blood. He became flesh, entering our world of hardship, pain, dust and grime.
  • Are we willing to "get our hands dirty," acting "incarnationally," serving others and following our Lord (Phil 2:6-8)?

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