• OT genealogies take their name from the progenitor, the first name in the list. But here the genealogy is designated according to the last member in the list! Note also the broken pattern: Not "Joseph begot Jesus," but "Jesus was begotten of Mary."
  • Five women mentioned (not Sarah, Rebekah…), 5 anomalies.
  • Two add Gentile blood to Jesus’ bloodline: Rahab is a Canaanite, and Ruth a Moabite. A third, Bathsheba, marries a Hittite. So much for the pure pedigree of which the Jews were so proud (Matthew 3:9ff).
  • These are women of true faith, outshining their contemporaries.
  • Many of the men in the genealogy were wicked, for example Amon and Manasseh (until the end of his life). This throws the virtues of the women selected into high relief.
  • What are some implications for our day?
  • What will we learn as we observe Jesus interacting with women in the gospels?
  • Do I believe the Lord can do great things in my life, despite my "genealogy" (pedigree, background, genetics, upbringing, baggage, etc)?

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